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  1. Sry I meant Sprialize and yes I'm talking about the 1cm spiral that shouldnt be there I dont want to use supports, maybe its the acceleration, but every other print (big ones) turned out great. btw. I'm using the CR10.
  2. Hey printerfriends! I'm from Germany and new to this forum. I'm having a strange issue printing a lampshade in vasemode/spiralize (Cura 2.5.0), always got a HUGE Spiral around. (printer CR10) At this time I've printed it three times. (its always the same spiral but getting from print to print less heavy and flat/smaller?!)(the 1cm big wobbles, its a perfect spiral around from bottom to top.) First Print: Retraction on, Fans on, Zhop on, layerhigh 0.2mm, wallthickness 0.4 (nozzle is 0.4) 30mm/s printspeed -> z-seam and a huge spiral around the whole print (startet at 5cm)
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