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  1. Thanks! I'll have a look on the video.
  2. With Simplify3D, it's possible to manually add and remove supports. Is that possible in Cura?
  3. Turning off the fan made a big difference. The print looks good now.
  4. Thanks a lot. So I have a few things to test over the next days...!
  5. Thanks a lot!
  6. When should you use the cooling fan, for PLA, PVA and PETG respectively? Always, or only on the first layer? Or not on the first layer? (In my case, I have an Ultimaker 3)
  7. Ok, I see. But where is the retraction distance taken from? According to the profile manager, there is no retraction distance defined in the profile.
  8. Thanks gr5. I checked the fan speed - the profile setting is at 50% on both extruders. I will try to disable the fan. It looks like under extrusion of PETG in the mixed layers. When looking on the model up close, there are miniature gaps between the layers. Oddly enough, there is no sign of that if I print with only PETG. I tried to print the same model with only PETG. It is super solid. I am printing with a priming tower. I will try to increase the size of it and see if it makes a difference.
  9. I'm a bit confused with the precedence of the settings in the profile vs the material (Cura 2.7 for Windows). I have selected CPE as material. According to the print settings, default temperature is 240 degrees. Retraction distance is 2 mm: However, the print setup says 245 degrees and 6.5 mm retraction distance. The actual print temperature is 245 degrees. The temperature and retraction settings are not overridden in the profile as far as I can tell: Bonus question: are the default profiles (normal/fine/fast/extra fine) loaded from the machine settings when I first connect to the printer? Can someone shed some light on this please?
  10. I am printing a model with PETG (with CTE setting, 245 degrees) + PVA as support. The layers where there is only PETG are fine. However the PETG layers where there is a mix og PETG+PVA is quite weak. As a result, the model splits like this: For the record, I used PVA as support in the open area in the middle. The layer that was split seems quite poor: What can be causing this? I have a theory that the filament is retracted too much when it changes materials.
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