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  1. Hi! a while ago I have made this 8mm film scanner. Since I printed the parts on my UM2+ I thought I post it here. You can find the files and a more detailed article here: https://hackaday.io/project/167426-8mm-film-scanner In case you wonder why I used (Ultimaker) ABS and PLA - I originally printed all parts in PLA, but after some time figured out that the stepper motor gets too warm for the nearby parts, especially the cogwheel, and they start to deform slightly. So I switched to ABS for some of the parts and the problem was solved. In this project I learned a lot a
  2. Thanks guys! I am using glue stick and usually I distribute it evenly, but I’ll pay especially attention to it next time I print. There was for sure nothing on the build plate, but the explanation that the first layer was “pushed down “ by the second makes sense - also seing that there is a diagonal pattern. I’ll check it out. I’m using the U2+ since 3 years - never saw that pattern before. thanks again!
  3. Hi! I'm aware that the title isn't very clear - but I'm not sure how to describe it - hence the "strange" 🙂 As you can see on the photo, my first layer shows these patterns. There is no problem with layer adhesion or whatsoever - the layer comes out flat and shiny, but with these patterns. Has anyone seen this before? Any idea how to fix this? Printed on an U2+ with U Silver metallic PLA. Standard settings for the material. thanks, Anton
  4. @tinkergnome - thanks! Guess you are right ... wonder what I was doing while reading. 😅 ok - at least I read it now again - thanks!
  5. Hi After printing and installing everything, I came to a hold: my Ultimaker 2+ mainboard does not have a E2 connection for the additional stepper motor. (See picture) Am I the only one with that issue? Is there a solution to that? help would be highly appreciated thanks mranton Picture main board
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