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  1. I have 100% infill selected, with the recomended set up but I still get a hollow model? Why is this? I also noticed that the infill settings when I change them have no affect? Thanks
  2. I am new to FDM printing, and am thinking about getting a Ultimaker 3. I have a questions about how the FDM printers will print my objects. The objects I want to print that are cylindrical about 60 mm in diameter and 60 mm tall. They are about 1.5 mm thick. In the pics below from Cura the object dia. was 20 mm and I had the .4 nozzel set. I would like them to be basically solid. I loaded a model into Cura and had 100% infill set, but I noticed that the model was sill showing an inner and outer wall. I am trying to understand what I am seeing in the pic. How does an FDM printer p
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