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  1. Agreed that checking for supports, and other features, in layer view, is best practice. At the same time, "trusting" the software to turn on/off a basic feature, that is something that should NOT need end-user verification. Regarding the possibility of changes of angle: The angles did not change. The sequence was literally: Open an STL, check the 'supports' box, get Gcode that says it has supports (says so in the ;SETTINGS_3 comments) but does not. EXACT same STL, a day later, check the box, and supports are generated. No changes to angles in the STL, no changes to the configuration in
  2. Very interesting situation. Using Cura 3.0.3, following my normal "workflow sequence" that has functioned correctly prior to this incident. Dragged and dropped an STL on the stage, did some manipulation, etc. Operating in the "Recommended" dialog (not "Custom"). Clicked the "Generate Supports" box. Let it slice. Saved the file. Printed it. No supports. Wasted several hours... I would assume I forgot to check the supports box, or did something else wrong, except, if you "import" the Gcode file into the profile manager, Cura shows the correct selections to generate supports. However,
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