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  1. You get exactly what I hoped I would get! ...except this is what I get. I matched my support settings to your screenshot. I am fairly confident I am using default settings everywhere else. Any thoughts?
  2. I am trying to print the following object with PLA+PVA on my Ultimaker 3 and cannot get Cura (v3.0.4) to generate any acceptable support structures. It seems to me that none of the support algorithms take into consideration that I am using PVA that will totally dissolve and go away. I have played with some of the "advanced" options support pattern, etc. but still no luck. Is Ultimaker looking into 'supports' with PVA in mind? In the meantime does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks --Rick Thingiverse link to model
  3. If you are a Fusion360 user Audodesk has a community site for suggestions. As suggestions get traction they are evaluated for inclusion in Fusion360. Promote the support for 3MF file export from Fusion360 here: Fusion360 IdeaStation 3MF file support If you'd like to learn more about 3MF check out their site https://3mf.io/ Cura has added 3MF support, thank you Ultimaker!
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