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  1. One of the best implementations ( now feature ) in CURA. On the subject, this infill provides the best strength and tensile distribution in tricky printed parts. Larger and denser ABS prints specifically benefit from Gyroid infill as the internal and external material tensions are evenly distributed helping to reduce the ABS distortion during cooling. And yes, Gyroids are phenomenal beauty edging towards organic patterns.
  2. Hi, Hello to all I am following an older tutorial for printing 3D models that " expose Gyroid infill ". The print ends up with completely visible and open gyroid. The tutorial was done on an early and " especial artistic " version of Slic3r PE. Slicers, including CURA add a ... cap or special wall to outermost faces of Gyroid infill to help the adhesion of them to the walls of the prints for strength and unification of the infill and walls. Well, those .. caps or special walls ruin the look of Gyroid infill if we want to present them for artistic effects. As I mentioned the Slic3r community posted a special branch of their favourite slicer " as artistic version ". See it here: ( fast forward to 11:57 ) This feature never turn to be official within Slic3r, Slic3r PE ( now Prusa Slicer ) and believe you me, I had asked and begged over there to no avail. But why I am asking this in Ultimaker-CURA !? Well, I was excited to see that CURA ( 4.4.1 Mac ) does this out of the box BUT, unfortunately the generated g-code is not what we see in the CURA's preview. The final 3D print has that ... cap or wall covering the outermost faces partially. Here are my settings: - Layer Height: 0.644 ( very large model on Delta printer ) - Wall Thickness : 0 ( zero ) - Bottom Layer: 1 ( to be able to lift it off the bed - didn't make any difference setting this to zero ) - Infill : 10% - Gyroid Am I missing something? If the preview of CURA is displaying the " actual gcode ", then why there are these caps ( half walls ) on the faces of the final print that where not displayed? Is there any way to remove those Gyroid caps? Please let me know if you need to see the actual image of gcode preview and final print with capped Gyroids
  3. It's been great working with CURA lately. Unfortunately after updating the MacOSX ( 10.11.6 ) for " security ", CURA started hanging on Slicing... forever. As a desperate measure I tried the BETA 3.3 with the same results.
  4. I was really excited to start working with CURA 3.x but unfortunately it behaves as the CURA 2.7 and hangs on slicing ( preparing ). That said, on CURA 2.7 I have been able to slice intermittently. Basically I had to install the CURA 2.7 authorize the software for security and get one or two prints done. Then, no go on slicing. So, I reinstalled to get a couple more prints done over n over again. Now, the CURA 3.0.3 doesn't even slice that first model. Anybody else experiencing this ?
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