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  1. Hello, I had this problem already with 2.7 now its the same on 3.0. (at the momen with standard stettings. The image was taken from the second layer. It's not only at first layer. It apears all over the high randomly. Have you seen the big bulp in the structure? where the line starts? The lines in the empty room are not the big problem, but his part in the Structure is anoying alle layers after comming. Because the nozzle hits again. (Material on structure) When problem appears, I hear the feeder working hard. Anyway I'll try this option. BR
  2. Hello, I have a strange probleme with my UM2+ Extended: Sometimes (Not everytime on the same position) the feeder is pushing material out instead of retracting.If its haapening, it is realy pushing out material. You see it very well on the attached pictures. I swaped the extruder stepper motor, changed firmware, reduced exdruder current, sliced different models. But nothing helped so far. If somebody has an idea, it would be greatful to have an idea where to find the solution of this problem. In this Image the line in the circle and the bulb in the middle of the object ist the Problem. Best regards Beguggamin
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