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  1. I completely changed the hotend and sliders on my umo+ and it all works fine. You need the pulleys, belts and slider blocks. Also you need to replositon the limit switches as the axis are rotated by 90 degrees. You don’t need to print a new top to the UM2+ hot end if you upgrade the sliders and pulleys. I’ll take some photos when I get back from holiday in 2 weeks. I’m probably forgetting some stuff sorry, but it definitely works and you basically end up with a wooden UM2+
  2. Hi there @spark101. I've just got a quick question regarding the Ultimaker 2/2+ control PCB and display. Could you please explain how you got this working? Did you have to upgrade the firmware of the Ultimaker original to make it an Ultimaker 2? Also, how did you mount the display and click wheel? Thanks very much, Greg
  3. Hey there @Neotko. Thanks so much for these great instructions. I was just wondering one thing, would be be OK to drill out the frame and mount the extruder on the back panel in the same position as the UM2+. The panels are 1mm different in thickness, and the pinion on the extruder can be moved on the shaft by 1mm so the gears mesh exactly. What do you think? Greg
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