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  1. Regrettably I threw it away already. I downloaded the most recent version of Cura and sliced the model again and it worked. I guess my gcode was corrupted.
  2. I am printing a roughly 20x20x10mm dome shape on my UM2 (about 1 mm thick, finalized in Cura 3.3.1). At the very last layer (I think) the printer stops and then crushes the model. I tried it twice. What is going on?
  3. Holy cow! Occam's razor strikes again. I hadn't thought this is possible but apparently the most obvious is also the real reason: the surface on the side that is being printed on isn't flat. Now what? Is this covered by warranty?
  4. No worries. I didn't see it in my profile so I assumed I did something wrong. Thanks!
  5. Hi, Sorry if this is kinda newbish but I thought I created a post yesterday but cannot find it. Is it still in a moderation queue, rejected, or did I never post it? CC
  6. I use an UM2. I am at my wits' end. It started with warping but only at corners in the left/back quadrant. I adjusted and re-calibrated, I rotated my model to avoid that area and also chose one that had brims around the corners. Additionally, I loosened the spooled PLA to make sure the feeder wouldn't click. I'm not sure my measures were successful but now I observed something even weirder: one spot were underextrusion happens . The surface is evenly cleaned, it doesn't look or feel different at that spot. How can this happen?
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