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  1. I had been having some print quality issues - gaps in the lines in the first layer, my circles not printing properly - so I tried tightening the short belts and put tensioners on the loose long belts. The first test seemed to help a little with the circle problem, but when I started a different print, it started the buzzing noise in the video. Is this something to be worried about? Attached my circles in case they are of interest. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated also!
  2. At the moment, all my parts are stock parts. Though if these issues keep up, perhaps I will have to consider switching to a different hotend... I tinkered some more with much higher retraction speeds and distances, to the point where cura was turning the boxes orange. But it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I also turned on the 'coasting' setting, where the end of the extrusion path is turned into a travel move and increased the travel speed, but still the strings! Is it possible there is some issue in the hot end? I can see that the filament is retracting but that doesn't seem to be rel
  3. I have tried tinkering with the retraction speed but it doesn't seem to help. Do you know what is a good range of numbers to experiment with? I was trying not to go too high but I guess I'm not sure what too high actually is. As for print cooling, my fan speed is already as high as it gets. I've tried pushing the temperature and speeds as low as I could get them but then it starts underextruding and it continues to string as it's underextruding!
  4. So I've been plagued by the spiderweb-y style stringing for a while now and I've tried everything suggested that's posted online to no avail. I've tried all sorts of temperatures and speeds and combinations thereof, but it keeps happening. The retraction is definitely on as well, it just doesn't seem to be stopping the stringing. What's also frustrating is that even when I have it under-extruding on the print, the stringing still happens. At this point, I am wondering if its a hardware issue that I haven't thought of? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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