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  1. The connector was not correctly connected any more. So it was a simple fix. It measured 109 ohm. Thanks again for the help
  2. Thanks, This is just what I was looking for. Will measure it tomorrow
  3. Does any one know, Is it the temp sensor or the motherboard?
  4. When I startup my Ultimaker it default temperature is 50 degrees. This causes bad extrusion of course. Do I need to buy a new temp sensor? or is something else wrong? Thanks
  5. After playing around with all sorts of thinks, I discovered the real issue. It seems that the bowden tube sometimes does not attack to the teflon tube. (see picture). This causes (cold) air to be blown in to the teflon tube and cooling the nozzle. I my case the clamp on the bowden tube, is warn out. (need to order a new one). For now I just turned the bowden tube around. This seems to solve this problem. But still I think the force on the bowden tube and the clamp is to great and will cause this problem again in the future. (and with other users)
  6. Thanks, I will give at a try
  7. How often should I change the teflon, (how many print hours). are there other parts that need replacing?
  8. Bedankt DidierKlein. I will try that
  9. I have cleaned the feeder (yes the black one), several times. It seems like it just cant push it trough and then slips, releasing the pressure, that causes the filament to stop flowing for a little while. Machine on for: 2246:27 Printing: 1159:56 Mat: 779m
  10. I think the Z- as is not the problem. That is because I see this happening on the first layer. (you can see it a bit in the previous picture on the brim. The filament was not tangled, it was an almost new role and I use two extension for my filament https://www.thingiverse.com/make:364760 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:388560 I have also already updated the firmware to the latest version. The teflon part looked ok to me, a bit dark at one end (is that normal?) but it did not look deformed. So what are the 20 other thinks that could b
  11. For the last months I have problems getting good prints. It seems that suddenly the printer does cannot get any PLA trough the nozzle. The filament push motor (do not know the correct name) retracts and almost at the same time only drops come out of the nozzle instead of a steady stream of material. Thinks I have already done: - Cleaned the nozzle (seemed to help for some time) - Put the temperature to 225 C. (seems to help) - Bought a new nozzle (did not make much difference) - Cut a few centimetre of the bowden tube (because the end got damaged) - Put a b
  12. I have found the problem. (after I completely dissembled the printer). It seemed that the nozzle was clogged. After cleaning it, the printer works great again. It remains strange that I could touch the nozzle. Thanks for your great advice.
  13. My last print looked really strange. When I tried again there was no filament coming from the nozzle anymore. I also noticed that the nozzle was not 210 degrees as the display stated. I could touch it with my finger, it was not even warm. So if the nozzle is not warm, nothing comes out. So I guess that ether the temp sensor or the heating element is broken. But which one? If any one can help, that would be great.
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