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  1. Sorry, I got kinda frusturated with this particular model and decided to move to other parts of the assembly in the meantime. (Figured to maybe use Slic3r to do this part.) But you seemed to get along pretty nicely. Is there a way to get "nightly" builds of Cura 3.1? If not, in the meantime I'll probably build a special version for just this one part. I did some analysis on the generated gcode (3.0.4) after some regex wrestling, and from the estimated print time of 7 hours 14mins, ~3 hours 35mins are travels! Also because of the excess travels due to combing (so retraction extra primin
  2. Oooooh yeah. I'm really looking forward to that update. I am printing rings that have a hole between them, they are connected on ~12 degrees of the circle. I'm printing them with a Volcano .8mm nozzle so zig zag is almost the only way to go. Currently the infill-travel is just ridiculous, print a zig and a zag, travel 5 seconds to another zig and zag and then back 5 seconds. (It takes long because it has to avoid crossing the perimeter of the "hole".) Octoprint Gcode viewer of the print:
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