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  1. Hi Guys, I've been introduced to Cura recently and I was told it has some really cool feature like no other slicer. I've been using Simplify3D for quite a while and I can easily use it with my replicator 2x and z18. I have done some readings on the forum and obviously Cura doesn't support Z18 as its a Gen 5 printer, so that's out of the picture, but how about the Replicator 2x? the printer doesn't respond to the generated x3g or Gcode file produced by Cura! here is my user defined machine setting for replicator 2x and I learned , Cura doesn't work with dual extrusion either, which is fine, 99% of the time I only use one extruder anyways. Please let me know if my settings has some flaws that cause the issue. P.S. the start and end Gcode scripts are copied and pasted from Simplify3D and I am wondering of that might be the cause.
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