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  1. Julian2801

    Brittle prints

    Which 3D Printer do you have?
  2. Have you installed a fan for the inlet as well? Or are you just sucking the air out of the cabinet with a fan?
  3. Could you give me some more information about what Octolapse does? Is it slicing the STL and in the GCode the head moves to the top left position after every finished layer and then the camera takes a picture? Or do you have to give Octolapse the sliced GCode and then it is being processed?
  4. Ok! Thank you really much for the information! This is really helpful for my planning!
  5. Looking really nice! I'm planning to build something similar (only for one printer though). Are you using some noise-canceling materials or is the wood cabinet doing the job alone?
  6. Julian2801

    Layer Shift after 7 hour pause

    I‘m sure that this is a layer shift because the following layers stay like this the whole print without going back to the „normal“ position.
  7. Julian2801

    Layer Shift after 7 hour pause

    It looks like this for me after every pause longer than 2 hours...
  8. Julian2801

    Layer Shift after 7 hour pause

    Yeah, the bed stays hot during the pause. I will try it again and see if it will happen again. Maybe I was just unlucky....
  9. Julian2801

    Layer Shift after 7 hour pause

    It's an UM3
  10. Hey. I'm having a bit of trouble when I'm pausing a print over night (due to long print times and I can't really sleep with my printer printing 6 metres from my bedroom). When I resume the print in the next morning there often is a 1mm offset to the right from the old and the new layer. Can I do something against it?
  11. Julian2801

    S5 - Print Core BB hitting buildplate

    What do you mean by both cores levelled properly? Did you first level it for AA and then BB? That would be wrong because you only have to level it for the nozzle on the left. That might be a misunderstanding but I just want to make sure.
  12. Hello Ultimaker Community, As recent studies have shown, 3D Printing emits UFPs (ultra fine particles) that could potentially harm you (higher risk of lung cancer, asthma and so on). Will there be official Ultimaker add-ons for providing a HEPA filter, that is capable of filtering those UFPS like Zortrax did recently? Greetings, Julian Sources: https://3dprinterchat.com/2017/07/ultrafine-particles-from-3d-printers/ https://zortrax.com/blog/hepa-cover-improves-printroom-safety/
  13. Hey guys, Today I noticed a weird finish of my outer shell. As you can see in the picture, there are some layers that seem to be shifted... The axles are calibrated just fine. I think that this is caused by the Bang Bang bed heating technique, due to that the temperature always is 1 or to 2 degrees too high, before it cools down and so on... I will change that to PID later... Do you have any other ideas what could cause that?
  14. Hey there, I wanted to know, if the UMO+ heater cartridge still has the white green-yellow'ish cable sleeve? I've asked my german reseller now twice to send me an UMO+ heater cartridge but they sent me 2 with a just white sleeve. Since then my UMO+ just randomly powers off during printing... Julian.
  15. Hello, I want to replace my heater cratridge, because it is making nothing but problems on my UMO+... I noticed today, that I'm not able to unscrew the screw, that secures the temp sensor and the heater cartridge.... I already tried with heating it to 150degrees but that doesn't work either.... Do you have any suggestions? Julian.

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