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  1. Thank you. If I ever get the CC Printcore, this will be very useful.
  2. The calibration worked after my factory restart.
  3. I am using the latest firmware. I will factory restart my machine to see if that helps.
  4. I have a UM3. I just switched my printcores, so my machine asked me to calibrate. When the calibration grid finished, I see that only the number 2 printcore worked. I reloaded pla into the first printcore and tried again. The same thing happened. What could I be doing wrong? The load process worked fine.
  5. The prime tower still fell. My print messed up close to the end. Is it possible in cura to start the print at a specific height with all the same settings, except for deactivating the prime tower? I carefully figured out my z height.
  6. I assumed that I needed a prime tower when switching between printcores. I am using a UM3E printer.
  7. I am making a tall print using pla and breakaway white. The prime tower keeps falling over, even though I made the diameter wider from 20mm to 50mm. What do other people do to combat this problem? I am currently pausing the print and attempting to support the prime tower by using painters tape.
  8. I assume changing the settings in the UM3 for the new extruders is straightforward. Will I have to change those setting every time there is a new software upgrade in my UM3?
  9. I am also tempted to get a CC core. Maybe a Black Friday deal would get me to buy one.
  10. It looks like Bondtech has two models of extruders for the Ultimakers. What are the differences between the QR and the DDG ones? I assume QR stands for quick release.
  11. That really helps. Thank you. I just wanted some opinions. I have experienced some extruder/feeder slipping, so Bondtech might be a good choice.
  12. Is there a benefit to printing more abrasive materials than the standard materials? What extruders do people like? I see lots of discussions on Bondtech. I am a bit concerned that printing will be more complicated with the necessary speed changes in my printer. Is there any benefit to using a CC ruby printcore?
  13. The fan is working, so the problem is probably the fan. Where can I mail order a new fan?
  14. How hard would it be to splice in new wires? Do you think shrink tubing on the wires might solve the problem?
  15. There is definately a problem with the middle fan. Automatic leveling works when I unplug the fan. From my search, I see it is called an axiel fan 2133. I am still confused why a working fan can mess up the leveling sensor. I assume it would be best to replace the fan. Unfortunately the fan seems to be discontinued. Any suggestions or comments?
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