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  1. Hello, I moved to python3 and here is my working code: def StartPrint(parent, file): logger.info("Start print job. File: ") logger.info(file) if os.path.exists(file): jobname = os.path.basename(file) filepath = file logger.debug(jobname) # Start a print r = requests.post('', auth=requests.auth.HTTPDigestAuth('45fa38b52ea5a998c085145930356bd6', '63bb0fc18a39ba7c787805e80f0be1211144f4083de634deb57f7e7819a640ec'), files={"file": (jobname, open(filepath, "r
  2. The login is working and doing PUT request like pause a print works fine in node.js. The file is 340kbyte "big". That should be transmitted very fast. After a few seconds (maybe 10?) node ends with the error: "socket hang up". I think the problem is the multipart form part, but i have no clue what it is exactly. I already googled a lot and the code posted above is developed with this example from the request library. But the correct names and needed fields in the multipart form is dependent to the Ultimaker API. So, I have the strong feeling that a Ultimaker developer have to
  3. Hello, I try to start a print job over the API of my Ultimaker 3. I read the example in this post and tried to port the code from python to nodeJS, but the POST request is just hanging. Code: var request = require("request"); var fs = require('fs'); var formData = { "file": { value: fs.createReadStream('C:\\Users\\efentzahn\\IKIMUNI_Schornstein_simple2.gcode'), options: { filename: 'IKIMUNI_Schornstein_simple2.gcode' } } }; request.post( {url: '', auth: { user: '45fa38b52ea5a998c0
  4. The problem is solved If you put in the syntax {"target": "pause"} it works quit well. Thanks for your help!
  5. The authorization error is 401 (see picture) and I double checked the verification (see second picture). Any other ideas? Is the value with just "pause" correct?
  6. I tried to use the API to pause/resume a print job, but I get the Error Code 400. Any idea of what I am doing wrong?
  7. So everybody inside my LAN can just start/stop prints? Seems to be a little bit inconsequent. When Cura Connect doesn't need it, why did you implement it in general? But back to my original question. Can I get some information who starts a job?
  8. I figured out that an other colleague of mine has an Ultimaker 3, too. And to any reason the job starts on the wrong printer. This is very strange and I expected that every user has to get access (by pressing the button in the frontpanel of the printer) before printing is possible. Anybody else with more then one UM3 has the same problem?
  9. Hello, my UM3 is located inside a medium size company and I had the problem that the printer starts printing from an unkown source. I asks the colleagues that are also working with the printer, but nobody of them started the job. Is it possible to see the IP-Adress or something else to find out the source of the job? The API shows an empty user: { "datetime_cleaned": "", "datetime_finished": "2018-01-04T12:52:44", "datetime_started": "2018-01-04T11:40:51", "name": "S_Csword-90", "progress": 0.23807909949339073, "reprint_original_uuid": "", "result": "Aborted", "so
  10. With http://<ip>/api/v1/system I could get infomation about "memory". In my case: "memory": { "total": 1054154752, "used": 191053824 }, What is the Unit (Bytes?) and what is stored in this memory (firmeware, printjobs, etc?)? Kind regards, Enrico
  11. The reseller is iGo3D and they send the magnets without instructions, but I solved the problem and it was not the magnets. I pushed the pad back in and want to make the photo for korneel. Then I realized that my pad looks different to the pad on the posted photo above. I looked closely to the pad and moved it to the exact position. Now the fan bracket closed "stronger" then before. I made two test prints (2h and 8h) and it works well. So the problem was that the pad was partly too far insinde the print head, this gives force to the fan bracket und results in an opening fan bracket because
  12. The print cores are fully in and pushed the silicone pad back. I described my problem to the reseller and the fact that the magnets seems not to hold fan bracket. Now I got 2 new magnets. Does anybody know how to change the magnets? Are the old magnets fixed with glue or just pressed into the fan bracket?
  13. The last print went terribly wrong with a lot of print offsets. Maybe because the fan bracket opens during the print. The print runs overnight and I only saw the result. But I think you are right and I will contact the reseller for help.
  14. I have problems when I want to start printing something. The print bracket opens when the print head is moving. I have the feeling that the magnets do not really close the fan bracket and it is really really easy to open by a slight touch of the bracket. After looking a bit more detailed to the print head, I noticed that the "white rubber" (see pictures) at the bottom of the print head looks defect and may the problem. Do you have any recommandations to fix this problem? The printer is not even 4 months old. Kind regards, Enrico
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