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  1. Sorry the "greyed" out was my mistake, the new "print head preview" was messing with me, yes dropping it down even -0.1mm works to remove that first support layer, but it doesnt answer why its there in the first place when the same models in older version of cura work normally
  2. Sorry for the late reply, i went back to 2.6.2 as it works without issues with all the models i tried. I have now downloaded the latest 3.1.0 and it still does this strange first layer when supports are enabled, I couldnt find the exact setting you mentioned, but i did find under general settings "Auto drop models to build plate", not sure if that worked. If i put the model to anything over -.1 it wont slice and greys the model as if its outside the build volume.
  3. I cant find a setting to disable the first layer when support is enabled. When disabled the first layer of the model is on the print bed as expected, but with support enabled i get a weird 1 layer raft like structure, no rafts enabled.
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