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  1. Here is what I am dealing with as the print finally finished. As you can see in the attached pictures there is absolutely no need for a solid wall of support material as show. It has tree supports in the middle between the 2 pieces but on the outside of both pieces a solid wall of support material and there are cross 'X' bracing between the 2 columns and thus very minimal support should be required. As well I have it set to only print support touching the plate. So I cannot break the support I need to carefully cut it to hopefully separate the 2 wall of support from the pieces.
  2. Thanks @Carla_Birch. Yes realize PVS and the BB0.4 nozzle extrudes much slower I was just pointing out it was a lot more and I was expecting maybe an hour or 2. The other issue is not just the time but the PVA is really thick and consumes the entire model with every nook and cranny filled with PVA support and that is increasing print time as well as wasting material where it is not needed. Seems to me PVA ignores all support settings while PVA respects those settings? PVA a solid support structure while PLA or other material I have tried just to see what would be extruded...what I mean is othe
  3. Well I am still having an issue with the amount of support after changing material from PLA to actual PVA support material. I left setting exactly as is and the amount of time to print with PLA support was approx. 7 hours. After changing to PVA material time went up to almost 20 hours! I wrote down setting and changed the default settings for density and distancing and still will not lower print time. I simply let it go as I wanted the print. After running all night the time increased from being finished at approx. 1:30 pm ET today to now estimating not finishing until 4 pm ET today? Makes no
  4. Hello All. Update I messed around with a few "hidden" settings in the configuration panel and managed to get the support as little trees that were easily removed from the printed piece. Thanks. Rick...
  5. Hello all. I have a rather small piece 30mm x 30mm x 10mm I am printing on my UM3 and have a question as tree supports never did what I am getting now with newer Cura s/w. The piece is of a bridge superstructure brace that basically is 2 beams with an 'x' cross brace between the beams there are several of these making up the total piece simply as a test piece to see how it prints. My issue is with support material almost solid filled into the printed piece throughout the cross bracing and there is so much I cannot break it free because it is so thick between the beams and cross bra
  6. Wish Cura would import models in a saved project file in the same X/Y/Z locations. Just like it does when you open the file as a project. If you just click import models they are scattered randomly on the build plate again and one must adjust their locations all over again. Rick...
  7. Hello all. Is there a better way to determine the Cura Costing "bubble" and which printcore is listed first? It appears to be random when the 2 materials are the same. If there are 2 different materials (PLA and PVA) then it is easy to determine and in those scenarios it appears to list printcore 2 first. I usually determine by the 2 materials and what they are printing by size; however I have a model that the 2 materials are 0.10mm difference and it is impossible to tell which is which. Could adding M1 and M2 something like this: M1: 0.07mm 1g $0.06
  8. Sorry clicked submit too quickly... Also then after the printcore is swapped out then the printcore reheats to then forward material and nothing is present. It then prompts to click 'confirm' when material is being extruded...again wasting time...
  9. Ultimaker 3 firmware...Wishlist item!!! I assume this would be needed in firmware enhancements... Would like to see when unloading or changing a printcore that the print head would not heat to release material when there is no material loaded in the first place. This is a waste of time and a hassle when heating then cooling printcore when it should already know material is not present. TIA! Cheers! Rick...
  10. Hi. Not sure what this is related to but since Cura 3.1 update and firmware on my UM3 the build plate adhesion layer is only applying to 1/2 the model? This didnt happen before and as a result the layer even with glue applied lifts from bed. I've tried more glue on the area w/o the build plate and still no help keeping portion of the model to the bed. Any thoughts on what may be happening here and what to check? I can determine where the build plate will be applied but how to create build plate around entire model base? TIA! Cheers! Rick...
  11. Thanks great video but still hasn't cured my problem that is pretty similar to this initial post. First let me say I've printed around 20 different prints since I received my UM3 2 weeks ago and they all turned out really good. But yesterday while printing a piece the print head is either a) knocking into the print or b) scratching the print and "ripping" it off which then drags the piece around oozing filament into a stringy mess! Also I've watched and stop the print immediately as when the initial "oozing" ball of filament in the from right corner the build plate doe not lower as much a
  12. Thanks everyone for the info! Much appreciated. Yes aware nylon is very hygroscopic and requires extra special care to ensure it is moisture free. I've seen some spool feeders that do this very thing keeping it dry and dust free while feeding it. Thanks again. Rick...
  13. Hi All. Seen many post on printing with nylon and its exceptional qualities. Before I go down this path can I actually print nylon on my UM3 w/o modifications? There have been a few I've come across that state you simply cannot just print nylon with brass and non-metalic hot ends due to the 240-260c temperature and abrasive nature of nylon will ruin the brass tip? Any suggestions appreciated! Rick...
  14. Hi all. Is there a way to determine with the UM3 how much filament is either a) going to be used in a 3D print or b) after the 3D print is completed? TIA! Rick...
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