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  1. So here I am again. After almost a full year of operation, the dreaded "ER80" popped up again, causing a 3 day print to fail (after about 48 hours). As before, the fan is running when I found it, so any loss of Air Manager had to have been momentary. I am still concerned that this is a "hard" fault, meaning there is no way to recover from this. Seems like if the system "losses" the Air Manager for a few seconds, it should be able to recognize that the Air Manager is found again, and resume the print... It would also be nice to have some recovery instructions on the E
  2. I have the same issue. It is pretty frustrating that material station doesn't tell you that the material is loaded, but it doesn't recognize the material (just shows the Yellow Exclamation Point on the screen for the material you tried to load), unless I am missing something. Luckily, I have a ton of old spools laying around, so I just swap out the NFC tag.
  3. Now if someone could just explain the mystery of the 3 seashells.... Sorry, I couldn't resist!
  4. I have noticed that when the S5 is starting a print, and does it's active leveling routine, it starts with a Z-height measurement for Nozzle 2, then repeats this for Nozzle 1. What I am concerned with is that it does both of these at the exact same spot on the printbed. While I get they should be done very close to the same location, I have had some issues with prints and I think this may be the culprit. I have been having issues with UM Breakaway material not sticking to the glass very well. As I use a nano-polymer adhesive on the glass, it is not really an adhesion issue. Its as if
  5. My older S5 (about 2 years old) just started making an odd noise at the very top and very bottom of the build plate travel. It seems to move normally, and no odd sounds except the last few mm either at the top or bottom. It sounds like a plastic squeaking noise, like when you try to run a screw through a tight piece of plastic. I cleaned the lead screw and re-lubricated it. I lubricated the two guide rods. And I visually inspected it to see if I could see anything stuck in the lead screw. Nothing, and it don't solve the issue. It sounds like a chunk of material got into the lead sc
  6. I just unboxed our second S5 machine. It is way off in terms of the axis alignment, right out of the box. Our original S5 was also off. But I noticed that the instructions for aligning the axis is not found on the Ultimaker website. Is this procedure still available? Why was it removed?
  7. Possible, but I generally have all CPE loaded in the machine. Well, CPE in bays 1-4 (sometimes 5), and Breakaway in 6. I have noticed the issue with it detecting an adjacent spool. It is a pain...
  8. I think I am really regretting investing in the Material Station. It seems great in theory, but it has added many complications to the relatively reliable S5. If there is a problem, everything seems to take 10 times longer than if the S5 was by itself. For instance, today I am having all kinds of problems doing the XY calibration. Twice I have tried it. Both times the B filament didn't extrude. Both times the B filament also failed to unload. Both times, when it prompted me to enter the "Stuck Filament Wizard", it seemed like it started, but never told me what to do (I know w
  9. Thanks. I did, but I will check it again more thoroughly. The weird part is that "most" of the time, the end of print depriming seems to work fine. Most of my issues have been in the material changing process mid print, where the CPE in core 1 "sticks" almost every time. I can recover most thru the stuck filament wizard, but a few have been lost, most recently because I am pretty sure the stuck filament caused an ER34 (comms error to printhead) trying to pull the filament out of the printcore. Failing a print after a whole spool of material is painful. So if this was a bowden tube proble
  10. Sander: Unfortunately I cannot share the file. It is proprietary. The reason this is the file that is the bane of my existence is that it is a large print, requiring about 900g of one material (UM CPE) and another 150g of support material. So I have no way to avoid a material change during this print. But, this problem has occurred on other, smaller print jobs as well, when material changes occur. Those are less frequent in occurrence because I don't have to print those as much, and the material changes are just the normal course so that I used all the material on the spool.
  11. I thought I would play around a bit this morning. I ran a small, 7 minute print on the S5 using the same Light Gray CPE material. I was trying to confirm that the end of print routine was using the same 75C temp for the cold pull. That is confirmed. The material is cooled down to approximately 75C when the machine starts pulling the filament back on the unload cycle. But funny enough, I got into the wizard for the material being stuck in the printhead. I am pretty sure this is the first time that has happened at the end of a print. The reheating at the tail end of t
  12. Is this information that can be posted? I would be interested to see what the temperatures are supposed to be, atleast for the UM materials. And I understand it is not a set 15C above glass transition, but my concern is that the CPE temp my S5 is trying to use is BELOW the glass transition temp. Unfortunately, for me to do more testing on this requires a lot of time to set up and a lot of material to waste, to force this into the end of spool behavior.
  13. I finally had the time (and energy) to deal with this issue. I have a couple pictures below of the state the printer was in, with it appearing to have been in the middle of the material change process at the end of a spool. The blue lights on the material station are hard to see, but bays E (light gray CPE) and F (breakaway) were in use, with bay A having the spare roll of light gray CPE that should have been next up. Recovery: I have to do several reboots. The material was stuck in the printcore so hard that I could not remove it without heating. After the first reboot, I got
  14. @SandervG Any advice on how to recover from this? My assumption is that I should power off both the S5 and Material Station, then manually remove the material that is still in the tube (basically using the ER61 procedure)? But since the filament is not visible in on the Material Station bay side, I have nothing to "push" the filament forward through the system with. Should I be trying to cut the filament into pieces (like cut it before the decoupler and pull that piece from the back of the machine, then pull the rest out from the print head end)? The ER61 procedure seems to assume that fil
  15. I did a little digging on the internet. Most sites recommend cooling to between 10-25C above the glass transition temp for the material being used for a cold pull. Based on the TDS for UM PLA, and the UM written directions to do a cold pull, UM is recommending about 15C above the glass transition temp (PLA transition temp is` 60C, cold pull directions for PLA say 75C). With that in mind, the UMS5 Pro Bundle is currently trying to "unload" CPE material at 75C, which is BELOW the glass transition temp (~82C by the UM CPE TDS). So this seems to, atleast in my mind, explain all
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