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  1. gert 2 I think the fan and the bracket is a standard thing come of UM3, i think it is there to help with cooling. it is part of the UM3 design.
  2. Hi Nicolinux, Thank you for giving it a try, as something similar has happened to you, I am guessing maybe it is the program. I also use the Feb edition of Cura and the Gcode generated by it without further modification. ( as I send the print directly from Cura to the printer via ethernet cable) As my knowledge is very limited on the GCode, Would you or does anyone noticed anything unusual about the Gcode attached in the first thread?
  3. Hi gr5 and catg, I think that might be one potential fault with it, I have some experience with the failed print come out of the bed and stick on the print head. my rationale to rule out this possibility, in this case, was that although it might stick on the print head, the z axis will be moving down, the print will just be drag around the bed, but it shouldn't fill itself up all the way back into the compartment where the cores are as shown in the picture I posted in the first thread.
  4. Hi gr5, yes that is correct. the model is about 11mm thick, In regards to the z-axis, I have turned on the active levelling for UM3 for each print and I watched it print ok for the first few layer before I left it to do its job. so I believe the bed levelling was correct at the start of the print.
  5. Hi Forum user. I have an ultimaker 3 that for an unknown reason the Z axis doesn't seem to be moving down as it prints, it has caused the material PLA and PVA build up on the print head compartment and damaged the bed significantly. before I start the print I always do active levelling and the first few layer is fine, it only happens when I walk away and let it run. Does anyone has the similar problem or know what I have done wrong? I have attached the image of the printer and the cura project file and g code I used for printing. Really appreciate anyone can shine some
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