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  1. Just tried out the variable layer height and the settings you can adjust don’t quite make sense for what I think it should do. For example if if I have print with a non variable layer height of 0.2mm and I want the variable range to be from 0.1 to 0.2, I don’t want bigger layers than I have as the default just smaller ones. How do I do that ?. The release notes say you can set a range of layer heights it will work with but it always seems to increase the layer height. For example you can adjust the offset around the default layer height so if you set the offset to 0.02 with a heig
  2. will this work with the Ultigcode version of gcode ?
  3. Thanks for the detailed info !. My Ultimaker 2+ uses the Ultigcode output from Cura so not sure it is as simple as editing the Gcode to change z height. I was was hoping that Cura would offer a feature for the 2+ to do this ?. i think someone mentioned that the Tinker version of firmware allows some adjustment, although I haven’t seen this documented and not sure about installing a non factory firmware. Thanks
  4. Hi, I have spent time levelling the bed on my 2+ with PLA and now want to print with PETG, but PETG requires a greater Z offset (an extra 0.2mm), I don't want to re-level the bed and would rather add 0.2 to the z height in Cura, is there a way to do this ?, there used to be a setting which indicated it could do this but it is not any longer present in Cura 3.1. How can I do this ? Thanks
  5. my 2+ has some slight play in a couple of the axles, reading the guide its simple enough to remove by pushing the pulleys against the case and retightening. has anyone done this ? The final part of the process involves using calibration sticks which are mentioned to ensure the print head is at 90deg to the axles, but I cannot see how the process will ensure this. the axles are fixed into the case in bearing housings which are built into the case, moving the pulleys on the axles won't have any affect on the position of the axles in the bearings, they will simply remove the movement fore and af
  6. When I import my profiles from Cura 3 to 3.1 the base print speed I set in the profile is lost and overwritten by the speed set in the new 'extruder' tab on the profiles page. I won't be moving over to 3,1 if I have to input all the speed settings manually. What does this extruder tab do ?, how can I import my profiles properly. I am using a 2+, so only have one extruder anyway. It looks like there are some global settings in the extruder tab which ignore any imported profiles ;(. please fix this or advise how to fix it
  7. Is it possible to set the first layer temperature to something different to the subsequent layers in Cura 3 for the 2+ ?, the UltiGCode flavour seems to prevent that ?. How are people setting first layer temp ?, or does everyone just use one temp for the whole print. Thanks
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