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  1. i have just ordered a good few rolls of Filamentum, hopefully they won't decide 2.85 is not a good business model for them also !
  2. Which do you prefer?, filamentum seems to print really well. Not tired extrudr or 3djake own stuff.
  3. Has anyone else noticed some brands are cutting back on their support for 2.85, it's always been the less popular size but now, Spectrum (my PLA of choice) has stopped doing many of the colours and types of filament in 2.85. Think i will have to move to Fillamentum, which brand do people prefer for PLA for example ?
  4. Thank you Sir !, Legend !, that is soooooooo useful.
  5. Great, many thanks, really useful !
  6. when you drop it into Cura, you mean drag the Curapackage into the Crua dir and Cura will unpack ?, or into a specific dir ?
  7. sounds good for this part ? If doing this on a Mac, assume i need to copy this package to a specific folder somewhere ? Thanks
  8. great, thanks. If doing this on a Mac, assume i need to copy this package to a specific folder somewhere ? will it be added to the market place ? Thanks again
  9. how are you running this, did you install as a plugin within Cura ?
  10. OK, many thanks, very much looking forward to it.
  11. Hi @sj3fk3 - don't suppose you have any update on this ? thanks
  12. ok, thanks for responding @sj3fk3 As you will have seen from the multiple threads on this forum it is a highly requested feature, previously we have been told that the UI guys in UM would not let the feature progress due to their desire to keep the UI clean. But hopefully you agree seeing these parameters is essential when debugging issues and optimising profiles. It will be such a massive benefit ! Many thanks for your support
  13. All, At the request of Team UM i have created another post so we can list the info items we would like to see on the screen during a print, hopefully this means it will get implemented ! 🙂 Please add to this list anything i have missed or you would like to see, as we all know it would be a huge addition to get even some of these items visible !!!
  14. All, i know we have all expressed for more info on the screen during a print on the S5/S3 etc, hopefully @sj3fk3 can get this moving !, can we list the items we would like to see. Initial ones i can think of:- Current layer number (asked for many many times) Print speed bed temp nozzle(s) temp fan speed flow Also if touching this items on screen leads to a way to adjust them would be good.
  15. Link

    5.7.3 Firmware ?

    agree, i am always careful with firmware you never know, this might include some updates to the UI so we can actually see which layer is being printed and parameters like temps etc on one screen !!!!!...... we can dream i suppose !
  16. Link

    5.7.3 Firmware ?

    My S5 is saying there is a new firmware available (5.7.3), but there aren't any release notes of anything official about it at all ?
  17. yes, that was my only option to restore from the backup, seems like a gap to not be able to restore that link to an overridden setting.
  18. you are talkiing about chaging to a new profile again without saving the changes, when you make a change, you get a star next to your print profile, hit that and you get this then you save the changes by updating your print profile
  19. agree, yes, you get this until you hit save, once you do that it gets locked into that profile, and i cannot see a way to undo it 😞
  20. Hi, I was making some changes to the retraction settings in one of my print profiles and without thinking pressed save, now the retraction setting is not taken from the material profile and permanently set with this override value, how do i remove that override behaviour and have it take the value from the material profile again ??, i cant see how to do it, the setting is now shown in italic to show its been overridden but i cannot go back !?
  21. ok, so fixed the wire, you need to take the print head bottom portion off, and then be really careful not to to damage the connector on the sensor when you remove the old bit of wire. Not sure why it broke, but a quick Google seems to show it happens quite a lot as the wire bends every time the print head cover is opened.... i suspect i will need to do this again at some point
  22. I seem to be getting this error more since the latest firmware update to my S5, i saw it very occasionally before and would simply just start the print again and it would be fine, but since the update it am getting it more often, again, all i do is start the print again and it works so it's not a mechanical issue. Obviously the print cores are clean etc etc i notice when it fails it tries to probe the second core and doesn't even get very close to the bed before aborting, an ideas ? **** update, looks like one of the wires (white one) to the sensor has come off, no idea
  23. i simply can't understand why anyone at UM thinks it is better to have that information hidden for the sake of a clean UI !, i am totally baffled. Other things like simply being able to toggle the part cooling fans on without the print running are not possible either. To see if you have an issue with one of the fans you have to run a print and start messing about with getting your hands in the print area to see if the cooling fans are spinning as you can't actually see them on the S5. Come on UM, please start adding things like this to make our lives sooooo much easier !
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