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  1. @robinmdh i know this has been mentioned before but please can we have a someway to see more information on the display, like layer number, be able to adjust retraction on the fly etc, i understand you don't want this available by default but an 'engineering mode' so people who want to see it can would be really really good !. Having this basic print info missing on the display is really lacking compared to even a £200 Chinese printer. It just makes debugging print issues so much harder ! Also, is there a way to stop a a disabled print core heating up during the bed level process,
  2. Hi, I am finding that the default retraction settings of 6.5 distance and 25 speed for PLA to be too much for my S5 with capricorn bowden as each retraction is pulling in air, and consequently after every retraction there is the popping of the air bubbles and tiny holes in the print. What have others done in terms of retraction settings with capricorn ? also is it best to adjust distance or speed to prevent pulling air in, assuming distance. thanks
  3. Thanks for getting back to me @territerriterri. It would be really useful to be a able to blanket copy all the settings from one extruder to the other, when I am updating my profiles I regularly hit save to ensure i don't lose anything and importantly I want to fully test the settings with multiple prints before I copy to the second extruder. I can't do that without saving the profile changes. This really is a key piece of functionality on a dual extruder machine. Many thanks
  4. Hi @territerriterri, Do you have any update on this, how can all the settings be copied across ?
  5. thanks for the feedback, i had not thought about the fan noise, very good point. I don't tend to print ABS, mainly PLA and some PETG, so still on the fence about if this is worth it. Also as you say the firmware needs work.... 🙂 Have you tried PLA ?, did you need to adjust any temperatures due to the printer now being enclosed ?
  6. Anyone used the Air Manager ?, I am not sure how effective it can be for removing UFPs and unread before that normal HEPA and Carbon filters aren't good for UFPs. Also I did read that the air Manager increases the temps in the build chamber so not great for PLA etc. I know the extractor fan is meant to speed up for for PLA to keep the temperature down but read in another thread some conjecture around this ?. Any overall views ?
  7. agree, yes i have it enabled for PETG, and like you at the defaults. I was considering messing with it for PLA for example, but more out of interest than i think it will actually be a good idea :), i guess i just want to tinker..... 🙂, i have heard mixed reviews for materials other than PETG thanks
  8. Is anyone using Coasting on their profiles for a Ultimaker printer ?, and if so have you adjusted the outer wall wipe distance as a consequence ?
  9. many UI based systems have a engineering mode where users who need it, can enable extra feature details. I can appreciated what the UI guys are trying to do, however the reality is ANY fdm printer will never be simply plug and play, the system simply has too many variables meaning some level of debug and tweaking will always be required. My S5 is very very good, but i have developed my own profiles as the default ones were not optimal and i often tweak for new materials etc, locking down the UI to make it clean necessitates this is and always will be a plug and play system, which
  10. they are also planning to expand the size of 2.85 range to the same as the 1.75 in the new year.
  11. I just came across a new filament manufacture, Spectrum Filaments https://en.spectrumfilaments.com/ It's among the best PLA and PETG i have tried (and i've tried loads), prints really really well, great price too, worth checking out and no, i do not work for them, just that i know i appreciated it when people told me about good brands to try in the past.
  12. Interesting, so from what you say here the aim is to actually achieve the first layer gap as set in Cura but inaccuracies result in the reduced height from the specified?, and if things worked exactly as designed the first layer would be as set in Cura and to get adhesion better more flow would be required, for example to 120% ?, I assumed a squish was added in as a number to reduce the layer height by but thats not the case ? Thanks
  13. unfortunately i can confirm this doesn't work/solve the problem, if you make changes to extruder 1, save those changes then using the above option doesn't copy them across to extruder 2. I can only assume it only works before you save the changes. The issue will be for most people, is that they optimise and save a profile for 1 extruder and simply want those settings copied to the second. How can i do that @territerriterri ? Thanks
  14. I agree, I was confused when i got my S5 and was really concerned that the offset plugin might not work. In fact I checked the plugin would work before I purchased the S5 as it was key for me. Without it you have no control over the first layer height. @ahoeben is a life saver with that plugin. If that ever stopped working I would see my S5 in a very different light !, best machine by far on the market but it 100% needs that plugin !
  15. Many thanks, I assume this will work for all the settings already changed in one profile ?, for example extruder 1 profile has be changed and saved already, by just selecting this option all the settings from 1 will be applied to extruder 2 ?
  16. @SandervG would anyone from the Cura team be able to comment on this ?, at the moment you have to go line by line between each extruder to apply your profile changes to the second extruder, this is a right pain !, is there a way to copy them over ? Many thanks Sander
  17. ok, so have tried ColorFabb metal fill, Steel, Copper and Bronze on my S5 using the CC core In terms of printing it prints fine, not quite as easy as straight PLA, prints pretty much like a wood-fill, so if you have a profile for that you are pretty much there. Retractions are a challenge, but still doable, just the usual light deposits where the material oozes slightly, but again nothing major the biggest issues is getting the advertised finish, the Copper for example is pretty much just orange, pla with Copper in it, which is fine, one of the recommended methods to ma
  18. this is quite common, the different pigments will often require you tweek the temperature a bit. White for example is known to be a problem for all brands, i have always had to tweek for white.
  19. I see there are some plugins for LA on the market place, has anyone tried this on the S5 or any other UM printer ?
  20. i summary the hight of the first layer, which is set in relation to the heights found during the active level are hard coded by the UM team, they have devised how much squish to apply to the first layer. You can keep adjusting the first layer height but the same amount of squish will be applied. This hard coding of the first later squish was also a issue for me when printing PETG for example where i needed a bit more of a gap. From day 1 i have used the offset plugin, it solves all the issues. I am assuming you want to get the right 'height' for the first layer, and compensate for
  21. Is there a way to copy profile settings to the second extruder for the S3/S5. At the moment my profiles are all set for one extruder and when I dual print I have to manually copy all the settings over to the second extruder. Would be much easier to have a copy. Thanks
  22. there is def something corrupt after the move to 4.4, i cannot delete some of my custom material profiles, the 'remove' option is greyed out !, (these are not the active profile as i know that will be greyed out) anyway to remove old material profiles other than through the UI ?
  23. As I said in am not sure this magic layer works in theory, as you can't guarantee what step count the print starts at. You could start the print on the half step and then it makes no odds if you use these 'magic'numbers at all, in fact in that case you would be better not to use them...... I am guessing this is why UM don't use the 'magic' numbers and people don't see any improvement from using them ?
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