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  1. I just updared my S5 firmware and the first print ended and just sat there in the cooldown phase with the print head a short way above the print @CarloK please help I selected skip cooldown, then the next print went haywire !, it dragged the nozzle accorss the bed after the level procedure and then the bed just dropped all the way to the bottom and failed !!!!, the software effectuvly crashed, never seen this before any ideas, can i roll back firmware ? Also i updated my Mac to Cataylina, but cant see how this would affect the slice and the end of the print ?
  2. Just download through Cura, that will give you the correct version.
  3. There is bug with 'not in infil' where Cura will it will either retract or comb when it shouldn't, I found it some time ago and discussed it on here. I don't think it ever got fixed. You can search for it user smart avionics looked into it at the time. Not sure if he is still around. But I just moved to not in skin to get consistent results. This could well be your issue
  4. Do you really mean infil or bottom layers ?, I do you have infil set to 100% ? If not you are looking at bottom layers. I very much doubt there is a bug as you describe. Likely you have a setting difference between the two profiles. Set combing to not in skin (I think you are talking about the bottom layers, not the infil) bottom layers are classed as skin, so you want not in skin. Also check things like 'retract at layer change' that would well be on in the profile where it's doing the extra retract.
  5. Coming back to this topic @SandervG I still haven't either heard anything nor recieved my second glass plate, could you please update ?
  6. Yes, use it all the time on my S5
  7. I have to agree, I've never had a single problem with the bed level and it's by far the best auto level I have used on any printer, it's just works every time. Not sure what issue people could be having. It's one of the best features !
  8. I have to admit the default profiles have always confused me in that there are obvious issues with some of them and better prints can be achieved by changing them. Which is odd as the user is encouraged to use them out of the box for the optimal print.
  9. I don't want to sound like a total fan boy, but...... I have owned and still own a number of printers from many manufacturers, including Prusa and nothing comes close the UM printers for accuracy, print quality and repeatability. The reality is FDM by its very nature of melting plastic and extruding it on top of another layer of plastic will mean there are a level of variables which will always be present, different brands of filament, ambient temperatures etc etc, to get a FDM printer to be totally plug and play is just not possible, however you can get close and (for me) UM get by far the cl
  10. You are not wrong, I chased the reseller a month or so back and need to do it again, shame we have to do this, the machine is NOT cheap and part of that cost is the after sales and backup ! ๐Ÿ˜
  11. I agree, glass is by far the best surface, I spray a bit of 3dlac on and never ever have a single issue. Sticks every single time and simply pops off when cold. I would never buy a printer that bad a fixed pei plate like the Prusa for example (sold it for that very reason, totally hit and miss for adhesion). I can't comment about using a second glass plate as it still hasn't arrived !!!!, Not good ๐Ÿ˜”
  12. i still haven't received the second glass plate, despite being told it was meant to be in the box with the printer. The UK reseller just says they are on back order with UM. Not great
  13. By setting the line width to .8 it's actually masking the issue as the wall is 1.64 (2 X .82) so reducing the wall doesn't fix the issue just moves the problem away from the problematic overlap function. This is the method @Smithy uses. It's seems the overlap compensation code remains broken and not likely to get fixed ๐Ÿ˜”. Unless someone from UM can comment here as it's a common issue. Anyway many thanks for taking the time to look into it, really appreciate it. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  14. Like you I design my own stuff, interesting you don't use overlap, how many walls do you use if you designed a box for example ?, 2 walls of your set nozzle width ?
  15. Sure, many thanks for looking into this !, this has the same issue model.gcodetube.stl
  16. it def fixes the issue on hollow items like a box with walls in multiple of the line width, however i have tried some solid models which have infill between the walls and tbh haven't seen any adverse affect of not having compensation on, but as i don't really know what it does i can't be sure i should leave it off...
  17. have you considered disbaling compensation ?, i tried a couple of prints with it off, and not see a huge impact, but thats not to say i should turn it off !, i dont really know when it really helps a print ?
  18. i tried that too and as you say it stops the compensation, its like Cura thinks the walls are actually thinning around the corner when it isn't, almost like it slices in straight lines and these lines thin as they turn the corner... i have tried increasing resolution but that doesn't help
  19. i have looked into this some more the issue is when you have a hollow object, for example a box and the walls are set to twice the line width, for example 1.6 with a line width of 0.8, this means exactly two walls will fit, i have used the offset command in fusion 360 to create an even wall thickness around the corners. The issue is clear even in the preview in Cura, with Compensation enabled the print stutters as it rounds the corner, when this happens on the actual print it creates blobs, disable compensation and it runs smoothly round the corner. Cura is
  20. I only tend to get zits with the 0.8 nozzle and 0.3 > layer, but turning off compensation def fixes it interestingly Cura says to use the min flow you have to print outer walls before inner will can affect overhang quality ? What is your max resolution set to ? thanks
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