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  1. Lever was the word I was missing - thanks for the help! I'll try printing the first one soon and see if the core can be brought back to life. I just have to find the spring that I misplaced when taking that picture... 🤔
  2. I don't know what to call it, but the top translucent plastic part of an AA core has broken off! Anyone tried printing a replacement, or does Ultimaker provide these? This nozzle has plenty of life left so would be a shame to throw it away just from a broken piece of plastic. Anyone tried replacing this part of a print core before?
  3. Thanks for the tip! I'll test it. I've found the hidden options but didn't figure out which would help my situation. I think the slow speed helps in burning and creating nice patterns in the surface but maybe a fast run will do similar. Only one way to find out! Prints with large surface following the ironing already come out well as they get enough fresh material to fuse and the burnt woodfill ends up as infill.
  4. Yeah, I got the most interesting results and problems with woodfill. I'm figuring it degrades in the hot hotend and when I start printing again I have a problem. I'll keep tinkering. There are probably improvements to be made!
  5. More of a feature request than an answer: I want a printer that is bigger on the inside! (Printing on an U2Go today:)
  6. So I tested the ironing function some and it's really useful. Especially with colorfabb woodfill filament (or others with wood fibers I guess) which gets a really nice top surface! However: I tried just activating ironing on a model today and an effect I've seen earlier became a real problem. The model has three flat surfaces on different levels. After ironing a layer and moving on to print upwards the next maybe 20 seconds the filament goes really dark and weak - I'm guessing the nozzle is way too hot but I haven't checked during print to verify this. It could also be that since so little is
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