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  1. No we were unable to get into the printer, as we have only had it a couple of weeks we are going to contact the reseller and return it
  2. I have been investigating further and I have found that the printer will respond to a USB keyboard plugged into the front USB port, brings up a game and that CRT-ALT-DEL will cause the printer to reboot. Also I am able to access the printer API over the network and read the log file. However as developer mode was not switched on I cannot access SSH so I cannot force a reboot but I now know that the printer is running Debian 8.1 so I am waiting for our Linux guru to start work to see if he can help.
  3. I think that it is unlikely that the button is the problem as I said in my original post the printer makes an audible tone when the button is pushed, which indicates that the controller card is acknowledging the button press and as I also said turning the power on an off does not clear the problem. The printer was left to print a job over the weekend which it completed sucessfully. When we checked the printer on Monday morning we saw the problem. Since posting the original message I have spoken to our firmware engineers and they think that it is probably a firmware bug, possibly a buffer ove
  4. Hi, Our Ultimaker 3 is not responding to a button push. The menu currently reads 'Print failed Carefully remove the print from the build plate' with the option PRINT REMOVED.In actual fact the print was successfully completed, pressing the button/dial fails to clear the message though it does beep to acknowledge the button press and if I turn the power off and on the printer just reboots back to the same message. My question is how do I reset the printer to clear the message.
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