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  1. I'll first let my bed head up and at the same time I'll level the bed after that the nozzle starts to hear but now I'll have to wait untill both nozzle and bed are heated to auto level the bed it takes longer. Thank you I'll try this in my next print!
  2. Hi, I switched from V15.04.6 to V3.2Beta today and copied my gcode to the new curam but instead of starting tho head the bed and directly moving on to the next tasks it first heats the bed and then the nozzle? how can i change this? Here is my Gcode M140 S{print_bed_temperature} M0 G28 G29 M140 S{print_bed_temperature} M104 S{print_temperature} M109 S{print_temperature} ; Wait for nozzle temp M190 S{print_bed_temperature} ; Wait for bed temp G92 E0 G4 S3 M0
  3. Hi, the only thing holding me back from using Cura 3 is not being able to control the printer via pc with commands and controls it would be nice if it could be added again? regards
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