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  1. Hi, do you have any idea how to change the firmware to allow for a second extruder running from the spare port on the umo+ board?
  2. I was wondering if anyone knew how to enable to extra extruder driver on the UMO+ board using marlin. i am looking to add a second extruder using the spare driver and cant seem to get it to work with marlin it just continues to use the original extruder!!
  3. Does anyone have a circuit schematic for the V 2.1.4 Board used in the Ulitimaker original plus printer
  4. Hi, The extruder motor on my Ultimaker original plus is not rotating. However it works when plugged into the X-axis port. i am using the Main board 2.1.4 that comes with the printer. can anyone suggest as to why it is not working ?
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