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  1. I did let the print finish and it was somewhat of a disaster. The travel between the tower and my part was rife with strings which created quite a mess. I've abandoned the use of the PVA support material - which removed the "prime tower". I'm using the nylon itself now as its own support material. It prints much better, but removing that nylon is a chore.
  2. Hello community, I am a routine user of our Ultimaker S5. Up until now, I have only used PLA and PVA for supports. However today I switched to nylon for strength reasons (all consumables are Ultimaker branded). After changing materials, I ran Cura (v4.4) and it updated the settings within the software. I sliced my model and dutifully sent it to the printer, then went on with my day. After a few hours, I went to check and saw something really odd - not only was my shape printing (along with PVA supports), but there was a "phantom" shape in the corner. A cylinder of (apparently) the same diameter of my model. Going back to Cura and viewing the preview, I now see that it (Cura) did indeed make a shape off in the corner. Is this a feature specifically for nylon? If so, where do I find that defined or documented in Cura? If this is not supposed to happen, can anyone explain what is going on? I've enclosed images of the cura windows - both the model alone and the preview pane.
  3. Hello community, I created a cylindrical shape to test different parameters of my Ultimaker 2+ and different brands of PLA. I use the tweakAtZ (4.0.2) plugin with Cura (15.04.6) to change the hot-end temp every 10mm up this cylinder. I opted to print out two of them to check for stringing issues - so just loaded the STL file twice. When I began printing, I noticed an odd behavior - which I also found by looking at the layer view in Cura. The gcode doesn't print out smooth circles for each layer - it first lays down a few dots on the periphery (within the wall) and then does the circle. See image. This isn't working out very well - when the nozzle moves back around in the "proper" circle, it hits the dots and the print bed then shudders a bit. Can anyone tell me why this is happening, and how to avoid it? Thanks!
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