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  1. Devs! You should check this out, I registered on the forum just to point at this. I understand why this feature is there, but there is a serious logic error. Let me explain; Slicer expects all of the part (bounding box) to be within the build volume, and that is correct, nozzle can travel only within this volume. But, shrinking the build volume by the amount of raft/brim etc. is wrong. Parts can be slanted, and base of the part might lay more inwards. Let me show with pictures; My part is using 15mm raft, so Cura decreases my usable XY plane by that amount, this is the most leftward I can position my part in Cura But my part is slanted and my base is 10mm inwards, so my raft protrudes the bounding box only by 5mm. I have effectively lost 10 mm of usable space because of the margin. Hope someone can fix this serious error very soon... Regards,
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