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  1. @rreh Wie hast du die Abdeckung hinter dem Druckbett entfernt? Von unten sehe ich zwei Plastik-Nasen, hab da mal etwas drauf herum-gedrückt, bisher wirkt das Teil aber irgendwie Bombenfest und es ist alles so eng man kann auch extrem schlecht dran ziehen.
  2. @Daid Just ran into the issue again yesterday. Are you still working on a fix?
  3. Hi, I recently added a new material profile to Cura. So far so good ... now the printer refuses to start a print when I use that profile, Cura shows a dialog to "overwrite" the configuration. Clicking that button has no effect. The printer shows a dialog on its display to overwrite the configuration, clicking on OK has no effect. The only thing that works is to open the printers web page and apply the configuration change there. Why does only 1 of 3 possibilities to overwrite the configuration work? Why do I even need to accept the configuration change ... when I load the material
  4. Hi, after updating Cura to recent version, I am now unable to print because instead of any default profile only the "Not Supported" Profile is available. After a clean install (with deleting folders in appdata etc), the profiles a first visible and disappear as soon as I select the current printer configuration, see pictures. Can someone help me?
  5. Hi, Material: PLA Print temperature: 185°C (Initial layer: 190°C) Bed temperature: 70°C Layer height: 0.15mm Flow: 90% (Initial layer: 75% since the auto bed level results in a quite thin nozzle to bed distance) Speed: 70mm/s Other settings should be like the default 1.5mm PLA profile shipped with Cura We actually print directly on glass without adhesion sheets or anything because the print itself holds very well on glass. Directly after a print it is nearly impossible to get it off, we need to wait until the bed cools down so I thing in general adhesion is not a problem, onl
  6. Hi, we have big problems with warping and im a bit lost how to handle it. I did a test print as an example to show our problems (Ignore the missing top layer I ran out of filament). What i totally don't understand is the bent/crooked left site of the print over the support. Is this only a warping artifact? I tried to change bed temperature, initial layer flow, ambient temperature and wall line count but so far nothing really helped. How can we improve our prints?
  7. Hi, I printed a level test to show our problem. If you look carefully at the difference between the last two images, the print near the prime blob looks quite ok, but on the other side (back right side of the print volume) the distance between the nozzle and the print bed is too large. You can even see the difference when comparing the Skirt. Using auto level feature, its always the left back side that has a bigger distance to the nozzle. The auto level feature uses three measuring points, back left, front left and front right. I think it would be necessary to also measure
  8. We upgraded Cura and Ultimaker firmware to latest version recently (Cura version 3.4.1, Ultimaker 3 Extended firmware release from 29.5.18) Since then, printing a model with PLA using PVA as support material results in a layer shift between first and second layer. See attached pictures, model is not printed with a brim, the single layer at one site is shifted but part of the model.
  9. Update: Problem is still reproducible. It also occurred if we pause and abort the print directly on the printer and not only if we pause and abort the print via Cura. The attached picture shows the big prime blob.
  10. Hi, as far as I know The Ultimaker filament has a NFC tag with information such as the type and the amount of filament on the spool. Can't we get a message in Cura when there is not enough filament left on the spool to print the model?
  11. Firmware version Cura version 3.1.0 The printer is currently in use. Maybe I can download the logs tomorrow.
  12. Hi, just found another bug that I would like to share with you. Reproduction steps with Ultimaker 3 Extended connected via WIFI): - Start print via Cura over Network - While printing, pause print via Cura - Abort print via Cura - Clear build plate and select "NO" retry on printer panel - Start another print via Cura over Network Problem: The printer makes a way too big prime blob that will cover the hole nozzle in filmament (about 4 times the size of a normal prime blob). The extruder will mill into the filmament. Would be great to get a f
  13. Hi, when changing the material, the print core does not heat up during unload so the filmament is ripped of in the print core. The print core then heats up for loading. Is this done on purpose or is this a bug?
  14. Update: The problem occurred again with actual firmware after our printer got a new IP adress from the DHCP server. You can see the issue just using a web-browser. Type in the new assigned IP adress leads to a small web page: Click on "Cura Connect": Switch to "Drucker" (Printer) tab: As you can see there is a IP mismatch. The IP on the bottom is the old IP adress. After switching WIFI OFF and ON everything is fine:
  15. Hi, sorry - can't agree. We also saw the problem only using a web browser without Cura being involved. When entering the IP adress of the printer you can manually visit the page that is normaly opened via Cura (there is a link on the first page, I dont know the name right now). I think the printer works as "group master", in case you are using more then one printer you can reach them all via this interface. In case you only have one printer the group master only shows one available printer (which is the group master itself). Somehow the group master configuration h
  16. Yes, I think it is the exact same issue. We just saw the faulty IP adress a few weeks ago. I think this issue can happen when the printer becomes a new IP address from the DHCP server. Just a guess: Maybe this happens if the DHCP server is slow - the printer then assigns its last IP address for the API. When the printer gets its address from the DHCP server somehow the IP address is not properly updated.
  17. Can you explain how to do that? You create a seperate model with your 3D modeling tool or can I do that just using Cura? How comes this problem only occures (atleast so far) on our Ultimaker. In the following picture I placed the calibration cube printed on the UM3E next to the same cube printed on a Flsun Cube (0.1mm layer height, Janbex PLA). Is this a problem of the Ultiamer PLA, does it shrink so much during cooldown?
  18. Hi, we recently came across a problem with bad walls, even on very simple prints like a calibration cube. After some testing I figured out that it has to do with the layer time. If - at a certan layer- a surface becomes to print somewere in the model, every wall in the model gets a defect at that layer. The problem can be reproduced printing a calibration cube with a visible "Z" letter on the top. The buttom surface of the "Z" increases the layer time and the problem occures. I also made a very small model to demonstrate the problem (see picture below, printed with default 0.15mm profile).
  19. Hi, Printer: Ultimaker 3 Extended There is a reproducable bug with the WLAN connection to the printer: Restart printer using ON/OFF switch on the back Wait until printer has started Open Cura switch to "Monitor" tab Click "View printers" (this opens a browser) Restart Printer (On/Off switch) Refresh browser The ultimaker is found in the network and displayed correctly with its name Click "show details" on the printer: Bug occurres: Unable to connect (see screenshot) The problem can be fixed on the printer:
  20. The under extrusions happens to PLA, the PVA layers are all fine. Doing a single extruder print with PLA directly after the fail print there is no problem with a clogged PLA nozzle.
  21. What you mean by cold and hot pulls? The problem occurs during the print at a certain height.
  22. Hi, I have problems printing PLA together with PVA. Espesially I failed two times printing the following model: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1979068 At a sertan hight it comes to under extrusion of PLA. The first print already freed from PVA with water was printed with default settings in Cura 3.0.4 for a layer height of 0.2mm. For the second print I raised the temperature for PLA from 205°C to 220°C. I still think it is a temperature problem because especially on the second print you can see unattached PLA at one side of the print. So I think that there is still a high pressure
  23. Exactly - as a quick fix (in my optinion) it would be a good idea to disable the pause/abort buttons in such a case to avoid confusion.
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