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  1. I think i have found the problem... the machines are ultimaker 2 but with Olsson blocks and bondtech extruders fitted. These mods were done three years ago before the ultimaker 2 plus upgrades were available. Bondtech supply their own flavour of firmware and also a small E-step programme. A few months ago, we upgraded Cura to the latest version and downloaded the latest firmware... I have done a 'factory reset' on one machine and installed the original bondtech firmware and E-step g-code, tested the printer with a small model multiple times and the problem seems to be fixed. Thanks for the input; it has helped in a roundabout way by jogging my memory of the bondtech firmware... one of those 'light-bulb moments'
  2. Thanks for the reply and the beta firmware links. The printers are in a school workshop and all three printers are identical, so it will be interesting to see if the firmware improves things. I have passed on the github links to our IT department and asked them to install the firmware on one machine so that I can compare. I will get back to you with the results Thanks for your help
  3. Hi all I have 3 ultimaker 2 printers upgraded with Olsson block's and Bondtech extruder's. At least 50% of the time, the machines fail to print the first layer of a new print and i have to abort the print, remove the bowden tube and trim the 'blobby' filament back. Once I've done this, the printer works perfectly . This happens to all three printers. Its driving me mad... Today I have replaced the bowdens and PTFE couplers on all machines hoping that it would resolve the problem - still does it! Any thoughts? I'm running out of ideas!
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