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  1. @tinkergnome Ok, thanks that fixed it! BTW, yes it was a 3dLabPrint model.
  2. Ok so I tried setting the line width to 0.1 mm and it still doesn't slice it. I also checked off "thin" wall and nothing changed. I went into xray view and didn't see any brown or red on the inside of the model even though I did on the top and bottom. I also put the model sideways and made it smaller to see if it would slice it, and sure enough, when it was sideways it did, however, it didn't slice the outside of it this time.
  3. I am trying to print this wing with my UM2+. The model has some sort of structural support in it to keep it steady yet lightweight. For some reason, cura does not slice the interior supports. The first image is the normal view showing the supports. The second image is a view of the inside of it in layer view and it shows all the supports gone.
  4. As you said, I tried cleaning the nozzle again, and adjusting the tension, I tried every tension setting from the middle, to the full top and it still didn't work.
  5. Hi, I tried pretty much everything you said and have come to a conclusion that the problem is with my filament feeding motor. I completely take out all the filament, then manually insert it while moving the motor thru the maintenance menu, and the filament just gets dented, with heavy markings of the motor and not get pushed up. I completely loosened it too, and it still does it. I think I should replace the motor. Can somebody send me a link to one, should I get a UM2 one or a UM2+ one? (I have a UM2 but if the UM2+ one is compatible I would rather pay extra for a slight upgrade (+ versi
  6. Hi guys, I think my problem is under extrusion, specifically grinding. I changed filaments and it still happens. The bowden tubes are all the way in. I have no clue whats causing it...
  7. I used PLA filament at 220c, I did, however, use supports which was my mistake. The print speed is 60mm/s, and I'm not sure what line width is but the wall thickness is 1mm. I kinda just put the STL in cura and clicked slice with default settings.
  8. I measure the glass and its fine. I also went and leveled it the best I could the way you told me to with the nozzle touching the build plate. I then went and printed something small in the middle and it turned out terrible. I have no clue why, I am starting to wonder that my printer is defective.
  9. Nope, the main problem is still on the back right, with the filament not sticking onto the build plate, like the video I made. I watched your vid and followed your instructions, even with the washer but nope. I am wondering if the glass has a problem or maybe the settings I am printing on. I am using ColorFabb white PLA @ 220ish degrees. I am new to a lot of the setting for the Ultimaker like fan speed.
  10. Sorry about that, it was private, I made it public. See if you can view it now.
  11. I recently got an Ultimaker 2, I owned a cheap 3d printer before so I have some experience, however, I could not seem to be able to level the build plate after following the build plate leveling guide and many other online guides, and even trying to do it myself. I uploaded a vid on youtube showing what I'm doing. Please help, am I doing something wrong? Video link: Thanks -Zeki
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