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  1. Hello everyone, The other day I found my pt100 sensor had broken. I started disassembling the hot end so that I could pull it out and accidentally stripped out the set screw in the aluminum block. Long story short, I am in need of a new aluminum block, pt100 heat sensor, and hotend heating element. I haven't had any luck finding replacement parts. Is there any recommended website that I should go to for replacement parts? I live in New York, not sure if this helps anything. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thankyou, Christian.
  2. Thankyou for finding this video, I'll be sure to watch it when I get home from work. Best, Christian
  3. Thank you for the input, you helped clear up a lot of my uncertainties. I appreciate the offer to beta test your prototype. For now I will do what I can with what I have but I will definitely be sure to let you know if I change my mind. I will also be sure to share if I am able to successfully add another extruder. The one thing I don't understand is the UMO+ has many features that would allow for a second extruder such as hanger holes for a motor mount, a location on the print head for running additional wires and bowden tube, a second location for another nozzle, ect. I was surprised
  4. Hello everyone, I have an UMO+ and I'd like to upgrade it so it has dual extruders. I've seen pictures and such online where people have successfully done this but can't find any information on it. I'm assuming Ultimaker doesn't have a kit for this, so it'd be something I do from scratch. Looking over the printer I noticed that the frame has an additional location to hang a filament feeder motor mount and the head assembly has an extra spot for another bowden tube, and a few other things as well. Does the controller that comes with the UMO+ have the capability to run an additional extruder?
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