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  1. I loaded the STL on another computer and get the manifold message prior to rotating. Sorry to falsely accuse Cura!!!
  2. I am seeing this issue on a design that I downloaded. It will slice in 4.6.1 without any message. Rotate 90 degrees, lay flat, and the manifold message occurs. Having a hard time saying the problem is inherent in the original design. aztec_v1.stl
  3. I have been using 3.2 for one day on Fedora Linux and observed the following: 1. The "lay flat" appears to always reorient to the original vertical. Not the closest plane. 2. When printing via USB starting a new job always fails complaining that the printer is not available. It then presents the option to abort. Clicking abort then allows a new print. 3. Using the default parameters the support material seems much more difficult to remove. Comments in relation to 3.1. The finished prints look better. Much less strings and the firs
  4. I am trying to print a part that was last printed with cura-15.04.4. It requires both support and a raft. With cura-3.0.4, it will generate a raft if support is not enabled. Once support is enabled the raft goes away, expect for the area under the support. The model slices correctly with 15.04.4. I think this must be something that I inadvertently changed because models that printed ok 2 days ago are showing the same behavior.
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