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  1. This is a very important feature because when you need to setup the printer you need a console to do so. For example to setup M851 (Z offset) you need to send gcode comands manualy. So I have to close Cura and change to older cura 15 or Simplify3D to do so. I want to delete all other softwares but can't do it because of this feature is missing in Cura 3.0.4 or 3.1 Beta.
  2. I can't find it too, it's very useful in Simplify3D, because some times you want to remove some support and add other manually.
  3. Thanks for the great job, it's very good. Now I get better printing results with Cura them Simplify3d. I only miss the terminal to send GCODE commands to the printer, it's very important to setup and level the printer. If it's not asking too much please add this feature to the software. Thanks and continue the great work.
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