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  1. Hi all - thanks for the replies. We will endeavour to use some different software and see how we get on. We do have access to AutoCAD and have used Fusion 360 but our PC's really struggle with the recent versions. Thanks again
  2. Thanks for your reply - it was done in Google Sketchup. I'll speak to our IT team and get them to download the Mesh Plugin for us!
  3. Hi Ultimakers! A student has designed a bridge for a model of a railway station - it is going on a turntable. I'm fairly new to 3D printing but have had a number of successful prints and would like to think I know a little bit about it. However - he has done the drawing - exported it, and when we preview it, it doesn't include the base! Does anyone know why it might be? I've print screened the prepare and preview views so you can see the difference! Thanks in advance for any suggestion - if not we'll get him to redraw and try again..
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