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  1. :-) This is hillarious because the purpose of the prints were to verify that printing via octoprint would work as good as from SD-card. And I used different yardsticks...
  2. I have to back paddle... When looking in the layer-view, as Labern suggested, I noticed that I actually was printing different robots. One with support for the hands and one without, exactly as DidierKleins educated guess. Thanks for getting me back on track! Also encouraging to hear that Octoprint works fine with UM2+. Below is an ongoing print via Octoprint with complete arms and their small support. Case closed / Many thanks!
  3. Thanks for the reply. The robot is the same in both cases and is printed without support and brim from Cura. In both cases it has the little support for the hand, which is part of the model I have. What I understand, when you use Octoprint all print settings are transferred as gcode but when the SD-card is used, some settings from the menu system is used such as temperature for nozzle and bed. Maybe there is something to configure differently in Cura? Do you (or anyone) know if Octoprint is used with success together with UM2+?
  4. Hello Ultimaker community! When I print the Ultimaker Robot with Octoprint, the hands gets messy. Well, not only the hands. The lower parts of the arms are just random strings. The same robot from the SD-card prints excellent. Every time. The photo shows the difference. These examples are printed in ABS. I have made an effort in ensuring that they are printed with the same settings, from Cura. I have repeated this ca 10 times and changed only one factor each time. The results are consistent and I dare to say it´s not random. I run latest Octoprint on an RPi2 connected to my network
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