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  1. Hello! I would like to introduce myself a little bit. My name is Sven Bruns, 41yr old and I'm living with my family in the northwest of germany nearby Oldenburg. I've started my 3D printing experience 5 years ago with a little reprap to create some small test objects for the company I'd worked that time. The little reprap had to leave and the company decided to buy a leapfrog creatr, because they wanted me to print some larger objects. A few month ago I decided to (try to) earn a little money with my passion for rapid prototyping, so I founded a little one man company called "druckpunkt3d". (you will find my also on facebook, instagram ????) My first own printer was a Raise3d N2 Plus, but finally this was not the best decision... This printer drives me really crazy, approx 85% of all prints failed. Two times I send it back to renew a cuple of parts but this takes no effort. So I decided to say goodby to a very large print area and switched to an Ultimaker 3 Extended. It arrived yesterday I think this weekend I will do nothing else than print print print...
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