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  1. It happens on both Wlan and Wired Network. I normally use no Wlan due to its weakness. I use wired network for all fix placed devices .
  2. Magic Moment.... My UM3E just did another Update. I tried another printer directly and what happend?? It works! I will try a few prints to get sure but it seems that the issues is blown away by whatever....
  3. Yes I get a connection. After a few seconds the printer is shown as not available, than it comes back. This two state are changing again and again. The event log said "Print job cannot be sent. Sending the print job in several attemps faild due to unknown reasons. Check your Network-connection, purge this print job and send it again. After purging the Log everything starts from the beginning. I choose an object, put it in Cura. The printer is connected. I try to send it via Network. Cura says sending was successful. Than nothing more happens. The printer don't react and the "sur
  4. Yes, so it works. I checked my Network but I can't see anything strange. No updates in the last weeks here. Same in Cura. I'd printed the last week without any issues and now nothing works.
  5. After starting via USB the App on my mobile sends a notification that a new print was started and I can see the progress in the App. In Cura I can see the status and the printing progress as well.
  6. Smithy, yes i did a factory reset. I've just overwritten the firmware to get sure the issue is not a firmware problem. Starting a print via USB Stick works fine.
  7. Hi all, since today my UM3ext didn't work. Yesterday everything worked fine, no probs while printing. Today I want to start a print. Connection between UM3ext and my PC is online. Everything looks pretty good. But if I try to send a print job (doesn't matter which object, whic material or which profile) Cura (4.7.1, latest version for Win 64-bit) sends the print job (doesn't matter if sending via Cloud or network) on printer side nothing happens. No message, nothing. The print job isn't visible in the Cura PC app or in the APP or Ipad (all Apps up-to-date). After a while the print
  8. Hello! I would like to introduce myself a little bit. My name is Sven Bruns, 41yr old and I'm living with my family in the northwest of germany nearby Oldenburg. I've started my 3D printing experience 5 years ago with a little reprap to create some small test objects for the company I'd worked that time. The little reprap had to leave and the company decided to buy a leapfrog creatr, because they wanted me to print some larger objects. A few month ago I decided to (try to) earn a little money with my passion for rapid prototyping, so I founded a little one man company called "druckpunkt3d".
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