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  1. So I'm trying to print something on an Ultimaker 3 extended, which should be within the specified size, but it has to be reduced to 80% or smaller for Cura to slice it, making it completely useless to me... Does anyone know how to solve this? Otherwise I should think Ultimaker would need to correct those dimensions on their site, as they are seemingly very 'misleading', to put it as nicely as I can. You can see the print below - it is within the limits, with a bit to spare, but needs to be drastically scaled down for it to slice.
  2. What I'm printing is essentially a speaker cabinet, and it is not really possible to split it up - at least that would be a bad idea. The infill was initially set to 100% as that would by far be the best for the acoustics of the speaker, but even at 10% it still takes 6 days vs. 8 days, but the amount of material is reduced to about 0.6kg of ABS. As far as making small prints first, whilst I ideally agree, that is somewhat pointless and impossible here, since what I need for this order is the size it is, and I have nothing particularly smaller I'm in need of printing - though I have experimented some. Enought to know that the failure-rate on these fillament based printers is worryingly high relative to resinbased ones, simply due to things like the fillament not extending properly due to snags/knots on the rolls etc. I suppose an option on the Ultimaker 3 would be to use both printheads, thus allowing for two rolls of fillament - thought that does also limit the print size slightly, which could be a problem But go big or go home I guess...
  3. Hey there, I recently got access to an Ultimaker 3 Extended and thought to myself, with such a large print capacity, this would give new possibilities... BUT! It seems useless, if I'm being honest, but I hope someone can help: I'm working on a print, which is so far looking like it might end up using the better part of 1.5-2kg's of fillament and take well over a week to print. Does this even stand a chance of being possible? Considering a) the size of a roll is normally 0.8-1kg, and b) the rate of potential print-errors on a small thing, would lead me to expect this to have no hope of even printing a fourth of the model... Hope you have some insight, cheers!
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