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  1. Greetings, Just installed Cura 4.4, when starting a print on my Untimaker 2+ it ejects material for several seconds, then drops the nozzle right into the pile of material it ejected and then drags this blob over the bed and starting printing. The big blob is wound around the nozzle and make a mess of everything. Cura 4.3 didn't do this - what gives. Theron
  2. Thanks, that makes sense. Theron
  3. What am I doing wrong with my brim settings? It's like the extruder is only putting out 10% on the brim, but prints the model OK. See attached photo.
  4. OK, haven't used the printer for about 6 weeks. Turned it on, and started a large print of a 4 x 7 inch box. Starts OK, prints brim and then starts the first layer, but never finishes the first layer. At some point it simply stops, like it had a power outage. It is plugged into a power backup supply and this continues to provide power when you unplug it. This has happened three times in a row. Even tried changing the power plug, no different. Also, print head does not go to default position when it is turned on. Any suggestions or things I should try? I just switched to Cura 3.6.0. Thanks, Theron Wierenga
  5. Of course, why didn't I think of that. Brim exceeds the size. Let's face it I'm just getting old. ? Thanks, Theron
  6. My Ultimaker 2+ has a build volume of 223 x 223 x 205 mm. My print is 203.2 x 203.2 x 196.85 mm. My Cura 3.4.1 will not accept this build volume. If I scale it down to 92 % it works. What am I doing wrong? Screen shot attached. Thanks, Theron
  7. I'm printing a small picture frame. The brim goes on the outside edge, bu there is a big opening in the middle where I'm having problems with the edges coming up as it prints. First layer looks OK, but after several layers the inside edge starts to com up in places. Is it possible to get a brim on this inside opening? Thanks, Theron
  8. Great work, thank you. Would love to see this as a pdf.
  9. OK, let’s see if I’ve got this straight. I bought an Ultimaker 2+ for $2,500., which has one of the best reviews out there. In addition, I bought the maintenance kit and the advanced printing kit., the later of which is useless. The person who came up with the idea of using that plastic sheet in the advanced kit with ABS should be required to use it with an ABS print about 8 centimeters square that takes 8 days to build. If he cannot remove the print without damage he should be dismissed from his job. I’m only getting started. So to print ABS you really need a complete enclosure for the printer. I built one out of plywood with a Arduino controlled fan for venting and a heater so the inside temperature can be closely controlled. If the printer is going to print ABS it needs to be enclosed to raise the ambient temperature, so why not manufacture it that way as an option. I’ve also had issues with the filament breaking do to tangles. The spool is mounted 3 centimeters away from the back so the input hole for filament does not line up with the inside of the spool. To fix this problem I’ve got a couple of pieces of thin wood placed behind the spool at the bottom and the outside wall. The spool doesn’t need to be that far out from the back. If it were 5 mm back the in feed would line up with the spool. Next we have the retraction problem. There are lots of questions about this online. It appears to me that retraction doesn’t seem to be much of a problem when the print head is moving from one printed portion of the total print to another. The problem always seems to be when printing support structures. Not all support structures just some. You can get strings from poor retraction all over the place. In addition if the strings get in the way enough the nozzle will knock the entire support structure off the base. See attached photo. The nozzle also seems to hit portions of the support structure when moving around, just enough for you to hear a little snapping sound. Obviously, the people who wrote retraction into the build part of the software aren’t the same people who wrote retraction for support structure. While printing one day the entire feed system came loose from the back of the printer. It’s held in place with two screws. Fortunately I was able to screw it back in place while printing. The Ultimaker people have evidently never heard of Loctite. I read in the forums a lot of things about changing your settings to solve a problem. I have only used Ultimaker filament and when I select the filament in Cura I not only choose PLA or ABS but also the color. I understand different colors behave differently. So, why can’t the default settings print at maximum quality? Why do you need to change settings? It would appear to me the 3d industry is still in its infancy, maybe even prenatal. I hope this gets passed on to someone in engineering who can make a difference. Sincerely, Theron Wierenga
  10. Geert - are you from the Netherlands" All four of my grandparents were born there. This is a great idea and why didn't I think of it. Thank you so much. Theron Wierenga theron@wierengaconsulting.com
  11. OK, I was home and did not notice an outage, but I guess that's the best answer. Next question. This box has a window in it that needs support. Everywhere else it should be OK without support. Is there a way to place support in just one area? Thanks, Theron
  12. Why ABS, for strength. This is an underwater housing and needs to go down to 50 feet. The support is needed for the window in the front, otherwise I'd skip- it. I felt that my main problem was that I needed an enclosure. So I built one and Nuts & Volts magazine will publish my results. Second try was started Jan. 18, 2018 at 3 p.m. Print continued OK, although lots of support garbage hanging all over. Ultimaker was in enclosure, with temperature at the top at 59C.I read somewhere not to go over 140F. which is 60C. After nearly five full days of printing and no major problems the !@#$%^ thing just stops in the middle of a line. Display shows home menu. I'd like to see an example of someone who can print something this large (5.5 in x 5.5 in x 4.25 in tall) in ABS. My settings were Ultimaker ABS Yellow default in Cura 3.1. Photos attached. I am one unhappy person with my Ultimaker 2+. I can print ABS that's only a half inch high, but that's not what I bought it for.
  13. Here's my image (hope I uploaded it correctly). The pieces at the bottom are support for the large holes and I found them laying outside the model one morning as it was printing.
  14. OK, newbie here, using my new Ultimaker 2+. I printed a few small things successfully using PLA and the default settings in Cura 2.7.0 for PLA. Didn't change anything in Cura, just went with .4 nozzle and PLA. Next made a big jump to ABS, a 5.5 x 5.5 inch box with .25 inch walls and 4.25 inches high. Read all about adhesion and I have the advanced 3D printing kit so put down a sheet of their plastic for better adhesion. I did not enclose the printer with a cardboard box, or custom unit, but will do this next time. Well now that I look at Cura I note that nozzle for ABS default is .8mm and I used the .4mm - yikes. Things looked good for the first 5-6 days except some of the support was knocked out of place by the nozzle. In two cases where I had a .5 inch hole in a wall the support was completely knocked out after being built up nearly .5 inch. Last night I noticed that some layers were separating and this morning after 8 days the separation was so bad that the nozzle was hitting previous layers because of warp. So I did an abort, let things cool down and then tried to get the print off the glass plate. Good luck. You can barely get the edges of the plastic sheet off the glass and then it leaves behind the adhesive. As for getting the ABS off this sheet I tried everything including putting it in the freezer and finally hitting it with a hammer several times. No luck. What should I try next, hacksaw maybe? Those sheets are something else, can't believe how stuck down the print is. Ok, so my questions are: 1. What settings, nozzle, should I use for default ABS? I purchased my from Dynamism. 2. Why is the support structure being knocked out of place? 3. What should I put on the plate for adhesion, I'll never use those sheets again. I selected Support and Build Plate adhesion. 4. How do I get this large piece of ABS off the sheet? Thanks, Theron Wierenga
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