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  1. chuckmcgee

    Layer view not matching solid view

    That's what I figured...thanks. I think the functionality of the model works as printed. We shall see. Gotta love the 24-minute prints 🙂
  2. Hello all Has anyone seen this before where the layer view in Cura is showing a preview of the print and not matching the model view? This is a smaller print I am doing at 0.15 layer height, so maybe this is common - just not sure I have ever seen it this pronounced. I have seen this even when changing wall thickness, infill, and various layer heights (from 0.06 to 2.0). I am assuming the grey shadow effect around the previewed layers is what the solid looks like as compared to what would be printed. Here is the solid view: Thanks in advance for the education
  3. chuckmcgee

    Support quality question

    It's all over the place, but still looks like it will do the job when it gets to the top!
  4. chuckmcgee

    Camera not working after latest firmware

    I have the same problem Brett. I have been told that UM support is aware of the issue and it is specific to Cura Connect. Expect a fix in the next firmware (as I understand it)
  5. chuckmcgee

    Support quality question

    Hi all, Wondering why supports don't print with the same integrity of the main body of a print. You can see in this image below, the supports, the vertical structures between the left and right extents, are wavy. They move to the left, then back to the right near the top. The printer is in an enclosure, so can't imaging that the environment is affecting the direction. Wondering if there isn't something more fundamental about 3D printing that makes supports more susceptible. I have seen this quite a bit over the past year or more...just now getting around to asking about it.
  6. chuckmcgee

    Ultimaker S5 strange phenomenon

    Print is done. It looks like the final product shows a better result. Somehow...the print rallied? Who knows. I am suggesting we close the chapter on this story. Again - concluding the model was less than ideal given infill settings and layer height. Also, as I recognize this is not new news...material matters - various sensitivities to the bed heat and cooling Thanks to this amazing community for helping to solve this!
  7. chuckmcgee

    Ultimaker S5 strange phenomenon

    OK...better, but not unnoticeable with the new project file and the eSun filament: At this point, I am concluding it's the material's sensitivity to the bed heat/cooling/etc. This is the first time I have printed it with 0.2mm layer height.
  8. chuckmcgee

    Ultimaker S5 strange phenomenon

    We shall see. I also have MatterHackers Pro and Ultimaker brand. Will try MHP after this if it's not good.
  9. chuckmcgee

    Ultimaker S5 strange phenomenon

    @kmanstudios Just loaded your project file (UMS5_988243375_UMS5_controlbox-V2K-02mm.curaproject.3mf) and started the print using a brand new roll of eSun Pro+ PLA (black). 11 hour print. Will post pics of the result! Thanks again
  10. chuckmcgee

    Ultimaker S5 strange phenomenon

    Once again - @fbrc8-erin seems to have cleared my issues with a suggestion to calibrate the lift switch - this has allowed me to complete the XY calibration (thinking it was working - but maybe the switch didn't fully extend or retract the core? Also, I had success with the print core swap when I chose to UNLOAD and then LOAD, as opposed to CHANGE. If I choose CHANGE and I don't cleanly remove the core during that step of the process (and it slips back into the slot), the sensor reads both the removal and addition in that one move - thinking I just placed the new core. Now when I choose to UNLOAD first - the sensor stops at the point of the unload. I seem to be back to my issue of the cave in on my lower layers (and the camera issue). I have a 2-day print going now - then will print the bed with @kmanstudios' project settings. Thanks all!
  11. chuckmcgee

    Ultimaker S5 strange phenomenon

    Hi @SandervG I get the same issues with both the AA and BB cores in that slot. Should I try to swap the AA from 1 to 2 and see what happens?
  12. chuckmcgee

    Ultimaker S5 strange phenomenon

    All great responses...thanks kman. Only thing I will confirm is that the bed was super clean on leveling. I did see the artifacts on a couple previous attempts, but today it was clean. If you see the YouTube videos...you will see the bed doesn't even get close to the nozzle before failing with the error. It looks like it is about an inch away before giving up. Will try the alcohol though...both to consume (the consumable kind) and to clean the leads on the other 🙂 Oh...and I have interacted with @fbrc8-erin quite a bit. She has been amazingly helpful with my UM3E.
  13. chuckmcgee

    Ultimaker S5 strange phenomenon

    Oh...and I am among the others that lose the video feed of the printer midway through the print. Resetting Cura Connect and/or restarting the printer are my only options. There is another thread in this forum with this topic. Their experience is the same I am having with the S5. I just figured this was a firmware issue and it would eventually get sorted out. With these issues - I may get "uninvited" from this forum 😛 I also saved the logs and have those to share if someone could get something useful from them. Just let me know.
  14. chuckmcgee

    Ultimaker S5 strange phenomenon

    Wow @kmanstudios. Thank you for going to that level. I think the next logical thing for me to try is to load your project and print it on my print. And I would do that - if I didn't run into another issue this morning. One of the things I noticed about the print that was running until early this morning is that I never configured the X/Y offset after changing from the BB core to the AA core in extruder 2. As a result, I noticed (and no one else will) an ever so slight shift when the color change on my model changed from one color on Extruder 1 (red) to the rest of the height of the box using Extruder 2 (white). As soon as my print finished this morning, I knew I would be printing my final piece, which I planned to use PVA as support material for. In loading up the new materials (and core), I decided to now do an X/Y offset calibration...except it won't work. I have two videos loading that I will share. Every attempt comes with one of two errors (and this is after a couple power cycles of the printer and reloading of material and cores): Nozzle offset probe failed. Please check the nozzles and bed and try again Difference between detected height of both print cores exceeds realistic values These errors come either after the BB core is extended and the bed begins to rise to the nozzle...only to stop way short and then throw this error...or if will successfully complete BB (after retrying from getting error #1) and then stop when the bed is rising to the AA core. It stops way short and throws that second error. Worth noting, since I have had the printer: I get error #1 at the start of every print, regardless of which cores are loaded. I have to acknowledge the error and choose to "retry" - which it does successfully Often times, when I choose to change the core in slot two of the print head, the changed core is not recognized. The wizard tells me to open the door...(which I successfully confirm), then to remove the core (which it recognizes), then to insert the new core - which is where it hangs...it never detects the replacement core. I can hit X on the wizard, but that prompts me to cancel...which I eventually have to do after putting the new core in. With the new core in and back to the main screen, the status shows no core in slot 2. A reboot of the printer shows both cores in place. I bought the printer from Matterhackers and have been sharing these findings with their tech support...I think they are going to turn me over to Ultimaker support at this point. Here are the videos:
  15. chuckmcgee

    Ultimaker S5 strange phenomenon

    yeah...the 0.2 wall may have been an easy fix here - besides a higher infill. We shall see!

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