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  1. Freeze on nozzle purge

    Hi robinmdh, I would be happy to. I will export when I get home. As for the print job, it's any standard gcode that comes from my slicer (Cura 3.2.1 this time). What's interesting is that, after the reboot - sending the exact same job - it works perfectly. This has happened with multiple versions of Cura, going back a few versions now. I am just tired of not trusting it when I start it for the first time after a day off or so.
  2. Freeze on nozzle purge

    Hi all, Anyone have any idea why my UM3+ freezes on the initial blob purge in the front left corner? It happens after every time I fire up the printer to use after it has not been used in a day or so. I have no choice to but to turn the printer off manually and move the bed down to get the blob cleared...otherwise, it will just keep dispensing filament until it totally ruins the print head. It has already almost nearly destroyed the silicone that protects the two nozzles. Otherwise, the printer is working great. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Soft PLA troubles

    do you have a link?
  4. Soft PLA troubles

    Sorry for the delay all. I had no luck with the filament I had and MatterHackers let me return it. They gave me a couple samples of Soft PLA and Pro FLEX PLA that I will try, but I am not interested in trying the oil given the fact that it seems risky to me and the printer was a significant expense to me. At this point, I am contemplating the Capricorn tubing as I have read a lot of good stuff about that - but not yet sure when I am going to purchase. For now - my desire to print flex is on indefinite hold. I do appreciate all of the help and follow ups here, though. What a great community!
  5. Soft PLA troubles

    Also...let me distinguish a difference between what that article says about oil and what was suggested earlier on by @SandervG (and likely as @gr5 meant). I believe the article is discussing the use of oil as a way to season the filament and I believe SandervG is suggesting a few drops in the Bowden tube to help with flow through the tube. Not sure if it fundamentally is different from the premise of needing oil vs not needing it, but I see no harm in the Bowden tube as a way to help.
  6. Soft PLA troubles

    Thanks @cjs. I have mostly been testing with the red filament which measures at 2.40mm in diameter (a mistake). I am going to try all of the ideas (minus the oil for now) with filament measuring 2.85mm. As a point of clarification, the MatterHackers Soft PLA I am using is 98A...harder than TPU95A. I chose this because I wanted it to be a little sturdier than the 95 or less.
  7. Soft PLA troubles

    Will do gr5. Bought some last night and will try it out today. Any suggestions on how exactly to apply it? It's the physical diameter. I believe it was meant to be 2.85mm. The support folks at MatterHackers are sending me a replacement roll. I am going to try a different roll that measures 2.85mm to see if that helps...between a better experience with the feeder and the use of the oil. We shall see. Trying today.
  8. Soft PLA troubles

    Thanks Geert. I had a similar thought and wondered if I could do the whole print, unattended, while bypassing the Bowden tube. Didn't seem like a smart idea, but I like your suggestion.
  9. Soft PLA troubles

    Thanks. The 2.40 is coincidental and I have a replacement roll being sent from MatterHackers. As for changing within Cura, I did...not on the material manager but in the profile settings. I will I’ll report back after I use a roll with 2.85 and with slightly tighetening the stepper tension.
  10. Soft PLA troubles

    Thank you for the reply, Sander and Rebekah! I will try the oil, but would like to do so as a last resort. I don't know why, but it seems so radical and unnecessary since the printer shows TPU 95A as a default material type. As for the feeder tension, I am assuming that is the meter on the side of the feeder which is controlled by the hex screw on the top of the feeder assembly where the Bowden tube exits up to the hot end. If so, that is currently at the midway point. Seems ample tension as I am having to squeeze pretty hard on the trigger to manually push the filament through the tube to the hot-end. Finally, as for temps - happy to attempt to lower, but wondering why being excessively high wouldn't eliminate the hot end as the bottleneck. Since the issue is under extrusion caused by inconsistent feeding, just figured using a temp at the upper end of the range might make for a messier print with lots of stringing. At the moment, I would welcome that issue I will await your reply for what to try next. Sounds like it may be worthwhile to still attempt some of the things above...just looking for confirmation based on my responses. Thanks again for the reply!!
  11. Soft PLA troubles

    I am wrong...under extruding again. Stopped feeding altogether...but I did get almost all of the brim done. Removing the filament shows the same issue...a corkscrew effect on the filament inside the feeder.
  12. Soft PLA troubles

    My Lord...I may be the largest noob ever. I hope I am wrong. I have a print going now that seems to be goign well. My big mistake was to create a custom material in Cura 3.1.0. That was not overriding the settings in the default profile in Cura. So while I thought I was setting the values above - alas - they were not the values actually being printed. more to follow...going at 20mm/s speed, 235 hot end temp, retraction 0.5mm, and using the TPU 95A material type (with modifications).
  13. Soft PLA troubles

    Hello all, I have searched for anything current on this topic and can't seem to find anything. I have an Ultimaker 3 Extended (relatively new printer). I have Soft PLA from Matterhackers that I just bought and have been having trouble getting it to print. After extensive troubleshooting with an engineer at Matterhackers, I can't believe the issue is me, but you never know...so I am bringing it to this group in hopes of finding an answer. The problem is that I can't get the filament to feed reliably...it under extrudes (or stops extruding altogether) on every attempt. Here is what I have tried: Bypassing the automatic load feature of the feeder and manually feeding the filament through the Bowden tube to the hot end Printing at slow speeds (tried 15mm/s and 20mm/s...nothing faster or slower) Set hot end at 240 to make sure it wasn't a chore to get the filament through the hot end Retraction off or as short as 0.50mm Unfortunately, none of these things have made a difference. I read older posts online about oiling the Bowden tube, but I didn't do that and don't think friction in the tube is the issue. The filament feeds freely (diameter of 2.40 as measured with calipers). In my last attempt (manually fed filament to the hot end, speed of 20mm/s, retraction at 0.50mm, and hot end temp of 240), filament stopped coming out even at the jump when it dispensed into the blob on the corner. When I stopped the print and removed the filament (manually) from the printer, this is what the filament looked like inside the feeder. Is it me or should I just return this filament and give up on the UM3 for printing anything flexible...(and I purposefully chose Soft PLA with a value of 98A as a less flexible option with some rigidity).
  14. Need Help - 2-color PLA

    Well...for the record, I can tell you I don't think the bed was too hot. At 50 degrees, I can see the corners of the print have curled off the print bed. The nozzle is pushing down on those corners while it prints. So...back to trying to understanding what is going on with why that print layer from the pics above look so melted.
  15. Need Help - 2-color PLA

    Also - I know it sounds crazy, but tempted to do another print upside down with supports or on a raft, to attempt to get a matte finish on the bottom. The quality of the inside of that case is breathtaking. The bottom shiny side - not so much as you can see. I wouldn't mind having the inside be the outside in this case.

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