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  1. Hello everyone! I have the same question. )) There is a line in UM3 documentation, about Z-offset calibration for second nozzle, that it can be done separately. But my 'UM3 Extended' simply does not have such option. It would be great to be able to calibrate Z-offset for second nozzle without going through whole 'Manual calibration' process. Thank you, Oleg
  2. Hello @geert_2, thank you for your advice! And sorry for my late response.) Your sugestion and example are very cool, but I'm not sure that I can create a good support construction in CAD program the way you've described due to my CAD expirience, or I might spend couple of weeks to complete it )) Thank you, Oleg
  3. Hello @mnis, thank you for your pieces of advice! And sorry for my late reaction.) You've mentioned that "It is also possible to create support material as a model in the model", could you please tell me what tool should I use, to make cura recognise support model inside a model? I created my model in Fusion 360, and I didn't find any features in there to set a part of model as a support. And single extrusion is preferable for me, it will build needed model faster. Thank you, Oleg
  4. Hello, Could you please tell me if it's possible to have a 'floating' support in cura? I have a model of vase, and I need to keep vase's arcs tight, while printing. I would like to place support models along a main model without plrinting supports from very bottom. Is there a way to make it work like this? Unfortunately I couldn't understand how to use model in support mode. It pushes out main model when I try to place it at needed level, and support model sticks to build plate when try to put it at needed position. Or there are other solutions for this
  5. Hello @gr5, I thought UM3 does bed calibration automatically. Printer runs 'Active leveling' procedure before each print, because UM3 specs mention that this process is automated. Do I still need to do manual calibration on my own? I would like to line up walls on the inside of the model, it's more important in this case. Actually I've tried to reduce the temprature for 0.25 core, to 190C, like @yellowshark suggested. And I've got better result, only one side of the model has small ridge inside of model. Anyway I'm still looking for other solutions. Already trie
  6. Hello @cdrose, model is ok, that screenshot shows how top model changed it's position after I scaled it in Cura. If a join models without scaling, whole model joins without any issues. Thank you.
  7. @JohnInOttawa, my latest screenshot demonstrates impact of scale, applied to model which should be at the top. And yes, the model has sloped sides, I print not full height, not to spend lots of time for each print iteration. That is why I've uploaded project and models I have. Layer heigh is 0.1mm, for both extruders (unfortunately Cura does not allow to set different layer height for each extruder). Line width is 0.35 for 0.4 extruder and 0.23 for 0.25 extruder, actually default settings. Thank you!
  8. Just tried to apply scale to top model, and merge objects.The result is unexpected )), I've attached a screenshot.
  9. Hello, @JohnInOttawa. Thank you for reply). Yes, yellow overhangs the gray from both sides (inside and outside). Materials are new, I think, yellow ~ 2 weeks, and silver ~ 2 month old. Type - PLA. As I understand, printer should print model as it presented in slicer. But Cura does not show anything during slicing process. Thank you!
  10. Hello, @yellowshark. Thank you for reply ). I'm sorry, but I dont quit understand. Could you please tell me how do I check x/y dimentions before combining? I thought those models supposed to keep dimensions regarding each other, when cut. When I combine those models, and switch to 'layer view', Cura does not show anything strange. But, you are right, because final result looks like the top is initially bigger than it should be. Thank you.
  11. Hello, I have an issue when print with 2 different nozzles, 0.4 and 0.25. For some reason I get a border when start to print with 0.25 nozzle (yellow color). Border appears equally on both sides, inside and outside of the model. I've done required XY-offset calibration when installed new 0.25 nozzle, and it seems to be OK. I've attached stl files, project from Cura and picture of a model I've got. I've splitted origin STL model in Netfabb, and then combined in Cura. Could you please help me to clarify this issue? Is there a way to get rid of those borders? I'm going to cr
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