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  1. Ohh! I am stupid! I hadn't! I had changed my PC and I haven't connected UM3 with my new PC's Cura via wifi, so i just forgot to update it. I updated the firmware after reading your reply. Now that it has the latest stable firmware , the issue is solved. Thank you. Though, after updating the firmware, every time i turn on the printer, printer greets with following scary message. But besides that it works just fine, and i haven't had any actual print failure on the machine. I am hopeful that this message wil
  2. Am I the only one who is still having below problem with Cura 3.5? I have Ultimaker 3 extended, and I am facing this problem since Cura 3.3.1. Currently i am using a fix, suggested by @WaldoPepper99 , on this post https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/23272-issue-with-cura-331/?do=findComment&comment=211986 I thought, it will be solved by now.
  3. I personally prefer USB Unfortunately I only have one printer. ?
  4. Hello Everyone, I have an Ultimaker 3 Extended. I recently upgraded from Cura 3.2.0 to Cura 3.3.1. I sliced one model in Cura 3.3.1, and saved the gcode on USB. When i tried to print it on my UM3E, I received an error message that " This print job is not suitable for this printer. Go to ultimaker.com/ER26" and after i clicked the continue option i received the message "An error occurred while processing this print job. Line nr =13." I aborted the print and went to ultimaker.com/ER26 page, as suggested by the printer, but there was not any mismatch in the printer, Print cores or Mater
  5. I am sorry, i think, I didn't explain my question properly. There's only one official reseller in India. And I am concerned about the customer service I will get in case if I might run into some Hardware related issues. I have had very bad experience with that on my previous printer (Closed source printer). Although I bought my previous printer from another company, not from the Ultimaker reseller, I just want to know if same doesn't repeat with Ultimaker 3.
  6. I would like to have following features on Ultimaker 4. -> Build Volume of 30x30x30 cm^3 -> Filament runout sensor -> Special printcore for printing high temperature filaments like PEEK -> Print NinjaFlex -> 32 bit controller -> 1/256 microstepping -> Silent Stepstick Motor Drivers -> Protection from power failure And yeah don't remove Dual Extrusion and Auto bed leveling.
  7. Hell Friends, I am from India. I am interested in buying Ultimaker 3. If anyone from India own an Ultimaker 3, can you share our experience of working with Ultimaker 3?
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