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  1. Hello, I'm an old user of Cura 15.04 and I'm finally switching to Cura 3.1. My printer is a Kossel Mini with one extruder I'm trying to import my main profile from Cura 15.04 to Cura 3.1 and it seems to work fine except for some settings. When trying to slice a part is says: Unable to slice with the current settings. The following settings have errors: Prime tower Y position, Prime tower X position The problem is: I dont have any prime towers in my imported profil file as there is only one extruder. And as I have only one extruder I cant display theses settings in Cura 3.1 to modify them. If I'm switching to another printer with two extruder I dont see my imported profil. I searched for the profil file to try to modify it manually but I cant find it, I only see the default profils in the Cura installation path. Do you have any idea to help me ? One last solution will be to open both software at the same time and copy manually each setting one by one, but at first I want to try to import my profil. Thank you
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