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  1. Good afternoon all, I did an experimental test last week to print with two materials : ABS and TPU-95. I wanted to print a mesh with flexible joints (in TPU95) and stiff sections (in ABS). The print quality was not very good and the flexible TPU-95 material generated strands of plastic (we don't see them well on the pictures).In addition the connection between the two materials were not good and broke easily. Has anyone already tested to print with these two materials and have some tips to improve the print ? Do strands of plastic come from TPU 95 in itself or from the fact I print with two different materials ? Howe can I avoid them ? And do you know if there are two materials, one flexible and one stiffer preferably, compatible together and with the Ultimaker ? Thank you for your help !
  2. Ok thank you so much , it is better now. But I have now a new problem , my printing is not good. When I print two parts there are some filaments between the two parts as the plastic doesn't stop to go out. Here a photo of the two parts I printed yesterday evening : Is it link to the speed? The fan works at 100% ... Thanks
  3. I tried to up the glass and now the support wraps like that : Is it because the glass is still too far way from the nozzle ? Thanks
  4. Hi , I'm using an Ultimaker 2+ since one months. At the beginning I have no problem. Since one week i had to change the type of material (Innofil 3D ) and I made some modification on the printer. Now I am trying to reprint in PLA and I didn't manage to get a good print anymore. I used the recommended parameters for PLA on Cura and on the printer , i print at 210 degrees for the nozzle and 60 degrees for the plateau. My speed is 60 mm/s (and I tried to slow down it ) but it still doesn't work. I print at a fine profile. I do the calibration of the plateau 10 times.. I'm getting desesperated and I really do not know what i have to do. I also tried to up the buildplate temperature but it's worst.. (from 60 degrees to 70) Here is the kind of thing i had : I hope someone has already had the same problem and find a solution ... Thank you in advance, Estelle
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