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  1. Hi We have just had some material delivered and it is 1.75 mm dia PLA, can I change the thickness setting on my Ultimaker 2+ from 2.85 mm dia
  2. Hi, I am a teacher and very new to 3D printing so far, it is going great lots of buzz, excitement but I need some support and searching forums / help files isn't getting me anywhere. I have an Ultimaker 2+ and Cura 2.7.0 only had both for one week and havinga few issues with the Cura part: 1. I would like to print several different parts on same plate but having followed the instructions to load multiple parts it never seems to work (drag & drop, loading fresh from file and opening recently viewed) for most part either opens the one I want to add only or just a blank ultimaker with no model. 2. The models I have previously saved or have had sent by my students open as presliced so I can't edit them Not sure if I am missing something simple but any help greatly appreciated Thanks
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