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  1. DavidS


    Hi gr5, thank you for the bulkier answer. The retraction works, but maby I can adjust it better than it is now. If ther is possibility to start the retraction earlier than it must work. The other thing what I will try now after your answer is to go a few higher with the first layer... at the moment I am with the first layer quite down. So I do not have the problem that the part stick not really well, rather the opposite. If I find the solution I wili post it here. Thanks David
  2. DavidS


    Hello Kmanstudion, thank you for the information, i will make some mor test in this direction. David
  3. DavidS


    Hello, I use the Ultimaker 3 with PLA Ingeo 3D850 HT weiss 2,85mm with following settings(see the sceenshots). Tank you for answering David
  4. Hello, If someone of you can help me with this (have look to the pictures) problem, I would be very happy. I do not know where to change something in Cura to Stopp the filament flow earlier so that the edge not smear (grease) like on the picture. Thank you for help. David
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