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  1. So I went through one by one and disabled the different plugins that may be connected to the internet. It appears the one that is most taxing on the system is the "OctoPrint connection". Here is the rundown of the slicing time for one of my parts: All plug-ins enabled: ~54 seconds OctoPrint disabled: ~4.5 seconds OctoPrint + update checker disabled: ~4.5 seconds OctopPrint + firmware update checker disabled: ~4.5 seconds OctoPrint + update checker + firmware update checker disabled: ~3.7 seconds Offline Speed: ~3.5 seconds Although Cura is
  2. I am using Cura to slice for an Ultimaker 3. For some reason, Cura becomes unusably slow (having to wait for a minute or more between mouse clicks) when I have it connected to the internet. As soon as I disconnect my computer from the internet, it returns to the normal speed. I assume this it has something to do with Cura trying to connect to a service and getting a bad response? Either way, this issue happens on both my macbook and PC, as well as across Cura versions (I have tried 2.3, 3.0, and 3.1). Disconnecting from the internet to use Cura works in the meantime, but it means
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